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Wix vs. WordPress

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Comparing Wix, an Israeli-based online site design tool, and WordPress, a free CMS (content management system) system, is a cross between two products that are not in the same lane; We wanted to write this content to clear the confusion of people who want to own a website but do not have coding knowledge. After you finish reading our article, we hope that you will make the right decision for your site that you plan to set up.

What is Wix?

At the beginning of our article, for Wix; We made the definition of “Israeli-origin ready-made site platform”. To make a more technical definition; We can say that it is a platform where you can prepare a website without the need for technical knowledge.

On Wix, it is possible to perform all kinds of operations related to your site as “drag and drop”. But the look and functionality you can get; It is directly proportional to the limits of the Wix package you use. We will examine the sentence we wrote in bold in detail under the heading “Wix Usage Fees”.

Why Is Wix Showing Up Everywhere?

From time to time, on TV, always on the internet, you come across Wix ads in your mind, “well, why is Wix advertising so much?” can pose the question. For the same reason Coca Cola appears everywhere, Wix appears everywhere for the same reasons. With the aim of acquiring side customers…

After reading the paragraph above, “ok, isn’t Wix free?” The question is likely to arise in your mind. Because Wix advertises everywhere with the slogan “Get your free website today”. However, this slogan, which is a marketing game and only tries to create perception, does not fully reflect the truth. Because Wix is ​​not a 100% free service. Moreover, even when you want to get the basic needs of a website, accepting them comes up with offers that do not make sense. Now, let’s explain the Wix usage fees in detail.

Wix Usage Fees

In order for a website to be a brand and to be visited again and again by its users, the indispensable domain address is the domain name. If you want to use Wix services for free, you are not likely to use a domain name of your own choosing. In all free services, your site is published on a url like “”. E.g; If we want to create a free Wix site for me, we can publish with an address such as

Another disadvantage of Wix free plans is that you have to run ads on your site. Let’s say you wanted to set up a car rental site and you chose a free wix package, you cannot prevent your competitors’ advertisements from running on your site. Would you like to have an advertisement in your own car rental company praising your competitor at the entrance? That’s exactly what is done on Wix sites where you don’t pay. Since no sane site owner will accept this situation, it does not reflect the truth to say that Wix is ​​100% free.

Whether you set up a blog site or a corporate web page; You will have to turn to paid packages because it will not be pleasant to publish advertisements that are not your request. Then it is necessary to take a look at “wix site prices”.

There are packages suitable for every pocket (!) you choose to use Wix services. Best of all, we’ll tell you how much you have to pay for which package and what exactly you get for that payment, and you decide the rest.

If you say “ok” to pay 120 Lira a year, it is possible to set up a Wix site with your own domain. But you have to accept one small problem. You have to agree to post ads from Wix platforms on your site. If you are aiming to establish a company website, we can say that it is a move that will destroy your prestige. As a matter of fact, using this package for blog sites is not a very rational solution. Even though you pay 120 per year and you don’t know how much you have to pay next year; You have to run Wix ads all over your site where you don’t make any money.

Of course, you don’t have to advertise on your site. For example, if you pay 210 TL per year, you can prevent the display of advertisements on your site. We do not know how much you will pay next year, but as of now, the fee requested by Wix is ​​this amount. But this time you’re dealing with a funny 2GB bandwith space and a small storage space problem like 3GB. If you share an article with 2 or 3 photos every day, you can be sure that you will consume this space in a very short time.

If you are one of those who say “I’ll kill money”, it is also possible to have 20 GB of hosting space for 600 TL per year. By the way, next year, “How much money does Wix charge?” Believe me, we do not know the answer to this question.

Wix has beautiful packages for people who want to set up an e-commerce site. For example, the package that you need to pay 900 lira per year as of the moment is Wix’s e-commerce package with the best features. This service offers 50 GB of web space. When you consider the number of photos that e-commerce sites have to add per product, we can say that it is not very possible to add too many products to this field. The worst part is that you have to accept your sales with either the cash on delivery option or the money order/eft method. Because Wix; Currently, it does not allow the integration of any payment system accepted in our country. Moreover, it is not possible to make any modifications for your needs.

“Why are the renewal fees that Wix will charge next year so important?” you may ask. Because you cannot move your site that you created with Wix to another platform, you have to pay a service fee to Wix throughout the publication life of the site. In a sense, you can say that you are enslaving yourself with your money.

What is WordPress?

The world’s most popular CMS system WordPress is a website publishing software with over a million developers. It is a system that releases free updates to its core software almost every month , thus constantly adapting to today’s technology.

Basic WordPress usage is as simple as using Wix. In addition, as you develop yourself, it is possible to improve the WordPress software on your site. Even if you don’t make any progress in web software development, you can make the innovations you want on your site by paying a small price.

With WordPress, you can set up a blog site, e-commerce site, news site, forum site or even a video site. Thanks to the themes and plugins you can use, there is no restriction for the websites you create.

Is WordPress Free?

If you have your own domain and a simple hosting package, there is no charge for WordPress core software. In other words, it is possible to publish a simple and professional looking website with the payment you will make for a domain and a hosting. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose a different company at any time for domain name and web hosting service renewals of your site. In addition, moving websites made with WordPress to a different hosting account is as simple as described HERE .

If you want to use custom plugins and themes while using WordPress, you may have to pay an extra fee. However, these are payments that may arise in line with your extreme needs. Because the number of free themes and plugins for WordPress is so large that if you do not have a very extreme request, there will be no situation that requires you to spend money. You can even find free solutions to your specific requests such as popular payment systems, cargo tracking modules, SEO tools. As of the moment, 3,966 free WordPress themes and 55,773 free WordPress plugins are published on the WordPress official site . New software is added every day.

For your specific needs, the most affordable software for custom coding is WordPress. Because the large number of software developers in the WordPress field increases the competition and therefore reduces the prices.

Why Doesn’t Your WordPress Advertise at All?

Since WordPress is completely free and open source software, there is no advertising budget. In addition, a free software that is preferred by more than 50% of the websites in the world does not need much advertising.

On the other hand, companies that develop themes and plugins for WordPress advertise with serious budgets. When you see the ads that appear when you type “Wordpress themes” or “WordPress plugins” to Google, you will agree with this statement.

Can WordPress-Used Sites Be Professional?

If you are not going to set up an e-commerce site that will publish a lot of products, we can answer the question in this title as “You have almost no chance to become a professional without using WordPress”. If you wish, let’s start to explain the reason for this answer. While the computer, tablet, smart phone you are reading this article on will not be able to meet the technological requirements of the age, after a maximum of two years; It is impossible to imagine that a website coded today will be able to keep up to date with the technological developments two years from now. Just like the version of the software on your Android or IOS operating system phone, your web page also needs to be updated. Therefore, the software that you have written specially for yourself with any coding language will not respond to the current technology after a while. This means the need for periodic updates. However, since the method used by each software developer while coding will be different, it is inevitable that you will have to reach the same person for a lifetime for possible improvements. If you cannot make these improvements on time, it is impossible to have a professional website.

In WordPress, it is free to have a website in accordance with the technological requirements of the age. Because even just getting free updates that are published almost every month and made with one click is enough to keep up with the current technology. Moreover, if you want to allocate a small budget, you can even go one step ahead of the current technology.

The only factor you need to pay attention to when publishing a WordPress site is the choice of hosting. Because this CMS system consumes server resources too much in terms of its structure. But when publishing your WordPress sites, if you prefer specially optimized WordPress Hosting packages for this software; We can say that you will not have any problems with server performance.

We end our article here. We hope we’ve written a useful resource on your choice between Wix and WordPress. You can use the comment section to ask any question that comes to your mind.

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