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What is WordPress 6.0?

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Released on May 24, WordPress version 6.0 named “Arturo” is the last of phase 2 of the Gutenberg project, which includes tools for creating visual websites, and is crucial to the future of WordPress development.

WordPress 6.0 version, which provides a huge number of updates, new features and bug fixes, includes more than 400 editor updates and 500 editor bug fixes. With over 189 support requests resolved, WordPress 6.0 introduces 91 new features and improvements.

Website owners are recommended to update to WordPress 6.0 to enjoy better usability and performance along with new features added.


WordPress 6.0 Update

WordPress can be easily updated on your website with a few clicks. However, it is recommended that you make a complete backup of your website before performing the update. After completing the backup, you can start updating your WordPress version. 

To get started, you need to access your site’s administration panel and go to Dashboard > Updates.

In this section, if you have a WordPress update pending, you will see the text “WordPress has an updated version available”.

Click the “Update to version 6.0 – Update to version 6.0” button to start the update process.

During this time, your site will be set to “maintenance mode”.

Upon completion of the update, you will have a view of the WordPress 6.0 welcome screen.

WordPress 6.0

New Features of WordPress 6.0 Arturo

Here are the new features coming with WordPress 6.0:

Style Change

Users have the ability to select their preferred global style from an available list without having to spend much time choosing. So you can add a new style to an existing style without having to change the existing style.

Selecting Text Over Multiple Blocks

In WordPress 5.9 it was impossible to select text from a number of different blocks. WordPress 6.0 will make it easy for you to select the text you want to select.

Maintaining the Block Style

With this new feature, the appearance of the block (its original color and font) remains the same even after making changes to another block. 

More Template Options

In previous versions of WordPress, the number of template types users could choose from was limited. But WordPress 6.0 added a number of new template types, such as author and date.

If you want to do a test run with these new template types, all you have to do is select a new template from the drop-down menu, save your changes, and then check the final result on the live site. 

In addition to these major changes, the new version of WordPress has also changed the look of the site editor. These improvements include selectable blocks in the list view, the addition of a code editor and preferences for the main site editor, and improved placeholders for a variety of different blocks.

Block Style Previews

Prior to WordPress 6.0, previews of block styles were in the block sidebar, which took up a lot of space in the Styles panel.

With version 6.0, only the names of the different styles are shown in the Styles panel. Style previews appear outside the sidebar when hovering over the style name.

This change minimizes the size of the sidebars and makes the style names more prominent.

Block Locking

With version 6.0, you can secure your blocks. You can disable the option to move or remove a block or both. This simplifies project handover, eliminating the fear of accidentally breaking your clients’ sites.

Expanding the Featured Image

Featured photos will no longer be limited to featured image blocks in post content. It can be included in cover blocks as well as media and text blocks.

More Conversion Options

Six new block conversion options are included in WordPress 6.0: paragraph to code, group to line, and tag cloud to categories.

Nested Quote Block

WordPress 6.0 allows nesting of blocks and containing paragraphs, lists, and code snippets within the excerpt.


Block patterns play an important role in the process of building websites using WordPress 6.0. If you click the plus sign in the editor’s content box, the embedder will present you with pattern options instead of block options.

Web Fonts API

Webfonts API integration was removed from WordPress 5.9 but added back in WordPress 6.0. It is now possible for users and theme developers to add web font settings to the global styles interface.

Improved List View

You can now select multiple blocks from the list view, change them in batches, and drag and drop them inside the list using the new keyboard shortcuts. Turning List View on and off is pretty easy.

Improved Performance

This version includes several updates aimed at improving the performance of WordPress. These improvements cover a wide range of performance areas, including faster page and post-load times, shorter query execution times, caching, navigation menus, and much more.

Accessibility Enhancements

Each new WordPress version increases the usefulness of the platform by making it more user-friendly. WordPress 6.0 has numerous improvements that will improve the accessibility experience for users.

Below are some of the most important accessibility improvements:

  • If no extra alt text is provided for featured photos, the post title will be used.
  • The text labels of the admin bar can be read by screen readers on smaller screens.
  • Improved tab order is provided in blocks containing placeholder components.

In summary, we can say that the new version of WordPress has many innovations that will improve your functionality, if you want to experience much more than the updates we have listed above, you can immediately upgrade your WordPress site to WordPress 6.0.

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