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What is Plesk Panel? What are its features?

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Plesk panel is a control panel that helps with website management. Plesk Panel, which can be used in both Windows and Linux operating systems, helps you to easily control all your hosting operations. Preferred by many users, Plesk Panel also stands out as it saves you a lot of time and convenience in site management.

What is Plesk Panel?

The two most important concepts you will need to open your website to users on the internet are domain and hosting. Domain, also known as domain name, is the address of your site on the internet. Hosting, on the  other hand, is the hosting service that provides access to all the data of your site on the internet. While the hosting service is provided by the service provider companies, the management of your website belongs to the site owners. Practical panels are used to manage all issues related to hosting.

Among the control panels that you can easily implement hosting operations, Plesk Panel comes to the fore. Plesk Panel that helps you manage your website; It helps you to perform operations such as changing domain name , creating an e-mail account, setting folder permissions and opening various directories in a very simple way. In this way, it prevents you from wasting time while performing hosting-related operations.

Plesk Panel, which you can use on all websites, can  be installed on Linux  and Windows operating systems. To install Plesk Panel on Linux, it is enough to enter a few codes over the SSH screen. In order to install on Windows, you need to download the installation file with the .exe extension, which is accessible to Windows users, and make your personal settings. In Contabo hosting services, the Plesk panel is delivered ready-made and you can start using Plesk Panel from the moment you define your site.

Plesk Panel from Past to Present

Parallels Plesk Panel,  Parallels Plesk Inc . It is a web hosting control panel released in 2003 by an American company. Published by the company called Parallels since 2008, the control panel has 18 different versions. Plesk is one of the most preferred web hosting control panels in the world, which is updated regularly and offers a new version to the users approximately every 3 months.

The control panel, which has successfully met the needs of website owners since its first release, adds dynamism to websites. Plesk Panel, which is especially ideal for websites with  high access, frequently updated content and requiring frequent intervention in hosting, is  appreciated by users with its security measures.

Plesk Panel   offers extremely practical solutions to Windows users. Working on its own IIS, Plesk Panel provides unmatched security to your website and allows you to complete all your transactions without worrying about security. Plesk Panel, which also provides file backup, minimizes the possibility of data loss. The control panel, which allows you to back up your site, also stands out with its reporting system.

What are the Plesk Panel Features?

With Plesk Panel, you can easily handle many hosting processes of your website. You can also save your data and previous settings with Plesk Panel, which you can easily control with the tabs and keys on its interface. By following the regularly released  update  options, you can also catch the latest hosting applications and the most up-to-date security measures. The benefits you can get with Plesk Panel are as follows.

  1. Domain Management:  You can easily renew or delete the domain name of your website using Plesk Panel. You can add as many additional domains as the hosting service you purchased allows, and thus increase the reach of your site.
  2. Creating an E-mail Account:  You can easily open an e-mail account through the Plesk Panel as many times as the hosting service you have purchased gives you. Home ⇒ Domain Name Click ⇒ You can create the mail account you want by doing the mail operations.
  3. Creating Database:  You can create MySQL Database using Plesk Panel or provide PHP MyAdmin login. Menu ⇒ Domain Name Click ⇒ You can access the database and create a new database by following the database order.
  4. FTP Password Renewal:  You can easily update your FTP password by using the Plesk Panel control panel. You can select the FTP password update setting and create your new password by following the Menu⇒ Domain Name Click ⇒ Settings steps.
  5. Security:  Plesk Panel also helps you secure your website. The panel, which backs up the data on your site and thus prevents loss of information, also reports error records and offers you a more effective experience.
  6. Traffic Monitoring: Traffic  is one of the most important data for website owners. Plesk Panel helps you access this information as well. The Plesk panel, which analyzes and reports your site traffic to you, allows you to easily monitor site performance.

What are the Advantages of Plesk Panel in Hosting Management?

Plesk Panel stands out because it makes hosting management easy. Hosting management operations performed without the use of a panel necessarily proceed with codes, and this brings along various problems. This situation, which is a big problem especially for administrators who do not have a good command of writing code, requires the help of system administrators even for small operations  and may cause you to waste time.

Plesk Panel acts as a system administrator working 24/7 for you in hosting management. The control panel , which offers you all the changes you need as an option,  allows you to carry out all the hosting operations even if you do not have code knowledge. The system, which has an extremely practical interface, also stands out with its easy-to-use advantage and makes it possible to keep your website dynamic at all times.

Allowing you to add side addresses to your site, Plesk Panel contributes to your site traffic by allowing your site to become more accessible. The panel, which also has the feature of keeping your website safe  from external attacks,  offers ease of use as it does not require any expertise. In this way, it provides a great advantage especially for commercial sites.

Plesk Panel, which is preferred on more than 380.000 servers and more than 11 million websites around the world, is  also appreciated for its fast usage  advantage. Automation, which allows you to easily access the transaction tab you want thanks to its user-friendly interface, also fulfills your requests quickly and thus helps you to intervene on your site instantly.

Automation, which is among the most ideal panels for server setup  , helps you to manage even multi-participant server types without any problems. In this way, the software package, which helps to easily manage virtual platforms, always stays compatible with the latest technology due to its regular updates and allows you to catch up with the era.

WordPress Management in Plesk Panel

Plesk Panel  also adapts to WordPress  -based sites. Automation, which has a special plugin for WordPress-based sites, can be easily added to your site with the toolkit installation. In this way, with WordPress, you can easily set up the site you want without any code knowledge, and with Plesk Panel, you can perform the hosting and security operations of your site in a practical way, even if you do not have technical knowledge.

The Plesk control panel also lets you preview your work and changes. You can view and control the changes on your site on the sandbox, thanks to the testing  option that you can use especially on WordPress-based sites  . You can also easily synchronize and copy your website thanks to Plesk Panel. In this way, you can easily back up your website content and maximize your security.

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