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What is Font Awesome, What Does It Do?

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There was always an issue with icons when building a website in the past. You could rarely find the icons that were right, especially if you needed more than a few to be of the same style… Let’s say you somehow found these icons, this time if you wanted to use the icons in different sizes, the quality would be uneven. Long story short, you had to design them yourself to get the right icons.

Things got a little better with the sprouting of various icon packs over time. But this mobility did not give exactly perfect results.

That’s where Font Awesome comes in.

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is an icon font. It has 4,500+ icons as well as 1,400+ free icons in their pro version. It contains many types of icons that you can think of.

When you link your site to Font Awesome, you can access each icon via a simple HTML tag. For example, to get the car icon below, all you have to do is use a piece of code like the one below:

<i class="fa fa-car"></i>

Font Awesome takes this code and turns it into a live icon.

You can really customize these icons by changing the sizes, colors and shadows if you want. Basically, anything that can be achieved with CSS you can do here too.

Font Awesome also gives you some unique opportunities like the ability to animate your icons. So, instead of a static version like:

You can also get something like:

You can do this with any Font Awesome icon, not just this icon.

What are the Advantages of Font Awesome?

The most common problem with many icon packs available on the web is that they tend to look good at certain sizes. But Font Awesome icons are not like that. It works anywhere and is designed to look great regardless of the size you want to use it.

So what are the other advantages of Font Awesome?

  • The library has 1,400+ free icons as well as 4,500+ icons.
  • Every icon is easy to access when you integrate your site with the main library.
  • The icons are all vector. In this way, scaling does not cause any technical problems and you can use the icons at any scale.
  • Adding an icon anywhere is very easy.
  • There isn’t a learning curve that’s very worthwhile.
  • The designs are consistent so everything fits together.
  • The designs are very minimal which helps the icons fit various purposes.
  • No matter how many icons you need, Font Awesome can provide it.

How To Install Font Awesome On Your WordPress Site?

You have two options for installing Font Awesome on your WordPress site :

  • Manual installation
  • Installation via plugins

Although you have 2 options, if you are not technically savvy, installing Font Awesome with plugins is an easier option than manual installation.

If you are looking for a Font Awesome plugin for installation, below we have 2 plugin suggestions for you:

  • Better Font Awesome: Display Font Awesome icons anywhere in your blog content.
  • Font Awesome 4 Menus: Display Font Awesome icons in menus.

If you use Better Font Awesome, getting the functionality is pretty simple. You just need to install and activate the plugin.

After installation, you will see the following box on your post edit screen:

Clicking on the plugin allows you to select a Font Awesome icon and include it as a shortcode.

Is It Worth Upgrading To Font Awesome Premium?

If you can’t decide whether to upgrade to Font Awesome Premium, check out Font Awesome’s premium features together:

  • With Fort Awesome premium, you get a bunch of additional icons divided into individual sets (thematic, different design styles, etc.). This allows you to fulfill all your site’s icon needs with one tool. Especially if you need a very specific set of things to be represented via icons.
  • You can upload and use your own icons. It lets you upload your logo, product icons or whatever makes sense and add them to your Font Awesome library. You can then use these icons just like any other Font Awesome icons. Regardless of the source, all your icons work consistently.
  • You can include fonts in your kits. You can choose from some of the best free fonts or upload your own. This keeps your typography assets for the site in one place.
  • You can install all this via an optimized CDN available through MaxCDN.

All in all, Font Awesome Premium provides ease-of-use, performance improvements, and overall easy management of all your icons and fonts.

Plans start at $99 per year (free trial available).

However, this premium offer is probably something that will appeal to larger websites, e-commerce stores or thematic websites. At the end of the day, you probably only need a handful of icons on your site (at least for standard WordPress blogs), and going premium won’t do you any good as you won’t be updating them very often. But if you are an e-commerce store, you can create custom icons for individual products or use various icon kits to make pages more attractive to the buyer.

For all these reasons, Font Awesome Premium may not be the best choice for most WordPress blogs. Because the free offer probably satisfies 99% of your needs.

All in all, Font Awesome isn’t the premium “all inclusive” kind of package. There are additional paid icon kits, so you can continue to pay even after purchasing the premium offer.

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