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What is Breadcrumb? How to use?

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What is Breadcrumb? How to use?

Breadcrumb (navigation bar); It is the general name of the link sets that help your website visitors and search engine bots to understand the hierarchical order on your website.

The complex structure of the website both negatively affects the user experience and prevents search engine bots from understanding the structure of your site. The breadcrumb, named after the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, is also known as “Bread Crumbs”.

It provides convenience to visitors with bots in order to return to the previous category and understand the hierarchy of the site, especially on websites with many pages such as e-commerce sites and blog sites. In addition to increasing the user experience of your website, it also allows you to get a passing grade from search engines.

What is the SEO Impact of Using Breadcrumbs?

  • Breadcrumb significantly increases the user experience on your website. In addition, search engine bots can easily understand the structure of your website and find all the pages they can crawl without difficulty.
  • It allows the categories on your website to be displayed as categories instead of URLs. It makes title searches stand out more on your website.
  • If a visitor can easily understand the overall hierarchy of your website, they will be more willing to spend time on your website. It may also want to visit other pages on your website. Considering these features, the breadcrumb positively affects the number of impressions and bounce rate on your website.
  • Many factors such as bounce rate and time on site have a direct impact on SEO as they improve the user experience . When the rate of spending a long time on your website increases, your website’s performance in search engines automatically starts to increase noticeably.

How to Use Breadcrumb:

Although the use of breadcrumb is a practical application, there are some points that you should pay attention to. During use on your website, your focus is to maximize efficiency on web pages. If you use this application only to redirect search engine bots, your website may be damaged in the long run.

If breadcrumb is applied only on certain headers, you will not get the desired efficiency. The main purpose should be to direct search engine bots, as well as to enable users to navigate your website in a very comfortable and practical way. Experts often say that a left-to-right path is more visually functional and interesting.

A simple and careful work should be done for Breadcrumb, whose preparation process is very difficult. If you are a website owner that takes user experience into account, you can maximize the user experience by being meticulous at the beginning of the process.

Adding WordPress Breadcrumbs Function:

If you have a ready-made content management system such as WordPress, if you are using any of the Rank Math SEO plugins, you can start using the breadcrumbs feature by checking the instructions for adding breadcumbs of the relevant plugin.

Creating Breadcrumbs with Functions.php:

To enable it without using a plugin, add the following snippet to your WordPress site’s functions.php file.

Call the get_breadcrumb() command in the single.php file using the get_breadcrumb() function or on the sections of your WordPress site where you want to display the breadcrumb.

Breadcrumbs CSS Settings:

You can use the relevant CSS codes to format the breadcrumbs area and customize it according to your theme.

If you have completed all these steps, you will have successfully added the breadcrumbs feature for your WordPress website. At the end of the codes you add, the appearance will be like the usage on our Kukumav.Net blog page. Additionally, if you want to add schema for structured data, you can visit for tag standards .

If you are managing your website with special software, you need to do special work for your website. For this, we recommend that you contact your theme developer or software developer.

What are the Breadcrumb Advantages?

Breadcrumb not only provides ease of navigation to users visiting your website, but also helps search engines to categorize your website correctly. A user visiting your website can see the path he or she takes on the pages. In this way, users can spend time on your site in a practical way and can easily switch between categories as they wish.

When you use breadcrumb, the search engine results page includes the category as well as the URL information of your website. This gives both search engines and visitors an idea about your website. Breadcrumb will be a very productive feature, especially if you are running a shopping-oriented website.

We have come to the end of our article on what breadcrumbs are and how to use them.

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