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What is AMP? What Does It Do?

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This technology, which is an open source software supported by Google and known as “Google AMP” in the market; It is named after the abbreviation of the term “accelerated mobile pages”. It can be translated into our language with the phrase “accelerated mobile pages”.

What is AMP?

As a matter of fact, Google AMP; It is a nice (actually like a slap) response given by Google to Facebook and Apple J. Apple was launched on 16 September 2015 (with IOS 9 version), and Facebook was launched in May 2015 to provide faster internet surfing; It published products called “Apple News” and “Facebook Instant Articles”.

By contracting with major content creators’ sites (such as The New York Times), which is exactly what Apple and Facebook do; was to make their sites more navigable. In fact, they have been quite successful in this regard.

Realizing the success and demand in this field, Google immediately invented Google AMP technology as a rival to these two world giants. What made Google AMP technology different was that it was available to anyone who wanted it. So you didn’t have to be The New York Times to give your visitors a faster browsing experience.

To summarize briefly, for Google AMP; It is possible to define a technological product that is similar in structure to the HTML coding language, available to all website owners and supported by Google.

What Does AMP Do?

We live in a world where even takeaway restaurants take pride in their speed rather than their taste.  The results of the research conducted by the University of Missouri School of Business in 2018 also confirm this thesis. Because 96% of the subjects included in the research; He says that when choosing a restaurant, they pay attention to the speed of service rather than the taste.

This is exactly what works in Google AMP. It serves average taste but fast food. In other words, it provides a fast internet experience with websites that are far from visual satisfaction and eye-catching graphics, but with fast navigable websites. It also reduces the graphical errors that are frequently seen even on mobile compatible sites to zero. This prevents accidental clicks.

Why Are Sites Using AMP Fast?

The most important reason why websites using Google AMP are fast; It is the hosting of AMP pages that have been verified by Google in the Google cache. In this way, the sites prepared with AMP technology are called from Google’s servers, not their own servers. In addition, Google provides data transmission from the closest physical server to the visitor with a different CDN system. Therefore, the pages prepared with Google AMP; They are also not affected by the speed problems of the server they are hosted on.

As we mentioned before, one of the most important reasons for the fast loading and visiting of the sites published in this system is; It is graphically simple. It does not load unnecessary graphic files as it concentrates more on readable content.

How to Install AMP on WordPress Sites?

You do not need to have any coding knowledge to publish AMP versions of sites using WordPress infrastructure. You can also publish your pages in AMP format by installing two plugins called AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for AMP and WordPress. You can also connect add-ons to your Google Analytics account with just one click.

If you prefer to use one of the most popular SEO plugins on your site, namely Yoast SEO ; With the plugin called Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP , you can continue to use Yoast on your AMP pages.

Is It Possible to Display Ads with AMP Site?

The common question of webmasters is “How can I show ads on AMP sites?” was in the form. Because until a few years ago, there were great difficulties in displaying ads from popular advertising exchanges such as Google Adsense on AMP sites. Currently, on websites using WordPress, you can show supported ad types in your AMP pages, thanks to the Ad Inserter original plugin.

This plugin, which has a very simple user interface, allows you to use ad codes from many advertising platforms, especially Google Adsense. In addition, if you have coding knowledge, it is possible to place your ad codes manually via AMP.

Other Benefits of Using AMP

One of the most important benefits of using Google AMP is the positive discrimination that Google recognizes in mobile search results for sites using AMP. Yes, you got it right. Pages that prefer AMP technology from two sites with almost the same quality are listed first in the search results. This means more visitors, prestige and therefore money.

If the AMP version of your site is still not available, we recommend that you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Because every day, website visits made with mobile devices are increasing compared to visits made with desktop devices. Maybe the only reason your hits aren’t increasing or decreasing is because you don’t have AMP pages.

If your site does not use WordPress infrastructure; By purchasing a WordPress Hosting package immediately , you can make your pages suitable for the technology of the age. You can get support from our technical team to migrate your existing site to WordPress.

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