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Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins

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An active comment section is essential for a website or blog. 

So why are reviews so important for a website? 

Comments are the easiest way to increase traffic and get backlinks to your website or blog. An active comment section makes your blog content more interactive. WordPress provides bloggers with an excellent Content Management System with a native comment system. So, in this post, we are going to list the best WordPress comment plugins for you to get a lot of traffic and backlinks to your website .

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Comment Plugin

When choosing a WordPress comment plugin , you need to consider the following factors:

User friendly

User interface of the comment plugin; comment editing area, colors, fonts, graphics, etc. It should be simple in all respects. A better UI leads to better user engagement.

SEO Compliance

You need to check if your chosen comment plugin is SEO friendly.

User privacy

Some comment plugins track users’ data and sell it to third parties as part of their marketing process. That’s why you need to choose a plugin that cares about user privacy.

Control features

Having comment moderation features on a website is a must. If the comment plugin does not support comment moderation features, you may run into a few issues with users’ comments.

Ease of Use

The comment plugin you choose should be easily usable for commenters and website/blog owners. Because commenters like to share their ideas freely without taking complicated steps.


Some comment plugins do not allow you to control the blog comments section. That’s why you need to choose a comments plugin that gives you full control of your blog comments section.

Spam management

Spam comments are a website/blog owner’s nightmare. That’s why you need to choose a comments plugin that has a built-in spam management feature.

More than just posting comments

Comment plugins with features such as react, upvote, downvote and rating will be more useful for your site.

Guest Reviews

Some users don’t like to sign up to comment or react. Therefore, guest reviews are the best option for them to comment anonymously by just giving their name and email.

Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins

You can find the 5 best WordPress comment plugins in the list below:

1. wpDiscuz

Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins

wpDiscuz is a free comments plugin for WordPress. 


Multi Layout – You can choose different layouts for different pages and post types using custom comment form builder settings.

Inline Comments – This is an article reading option with author’s questions and reader comments. Authors can create questions for readers in any paragraph of the text, and visitors can ask for feedback as they read.

Live notifications – Allows you to receive live notifications when new comments are made.

Post Rating – Allows post rating.

Social Commenting – Social login options are available.

Comment Analysis – It is possible to view comment analysis with the plugin.

Comment Bubble – A comment bubble is a real-time updated comment icon on your pages. It invites people to comment and allows you to view up-to-date comment information. It also notifies existing page viewers about new comments.


wpDiscuz is a free comments plugin but allows you to upgrade to a paid version that gives you unlimited features.

2. Others

Muut is a comment plugin developed by Muut Inc that stands out among the best WordPress comment plugins . Muut is a fully paid plugin.


Online users – The online users list is found on the main forum page and channel embeds.

Recent comments – The latest comments widget keeps track of which posts have received the most recent comments. Also, it is updated in real time.

Forums – Allows chat flow with the fastest and cleanest forums.


Muut has a pricing plan divided into several sections called MINI, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE for prices of $16, $36, $96, $486 respectively. However, each plan has a free version for you to try.

3. Disqus

Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins

Disqus is another popular comment plugin that you can find among WordPress comment plugins. It is a third-party commenting system built for websites and blogs. The plugin has great features. However, users had some privacy issues with Disqus a few months ago. This caused them to lose a lot of customers.


Works on any device – supports desktop and mobile devices including Google AMP.

Media comments – Media powered comments allow readers to add images and videos to keep discussions lively.

Adapts to the look of your site – It automatically adapts to your site’s design and colors, or lets you adjust it to your liking.

User reputation – helps identify spammers and other problematic users based on actions on the Disqus network.

Pre-check – You can choose to pre-check spam comments based on user reputation.

Banned and safe lists – Comments from banned users are not displayed. Reviews from trusted users are automatically approved.

Email control – You can manage your comments via email notifications with three simple commands (Confirm, Delete, Spam). 

Shadow ban – You can secretly ban spam commenters to prevent them from coming back.

Automatic Spam Checking – Disqus automatically detects and removes spam before it reaches your site.

Timeouts – You can temporarily ban users and provide specific feedback so they can correct their behavior.


Disqus has a fairly simple pricing plan based on pageviews. It has three pricing categories, Plus, Pro, Business, $11/month, $105/month, and special pricing. They also have annual plans. 


AnyComments is a Russian comment plugin that you can use as a comment field on your WordPress site.


Social authorization – Allows the selection of appropriate social networks to make it easier for users to comment on sites.

Page Rank – Allows users to rate your page out of 5 stars.

Like system – Users have a chance to respond to comments and choose comments they like and dislike.

Translation – Allows you to translate into English, Russian and several other languages.

Smart Actions – Allows you to set filters and actions as you wish.

Analytics – Provides the ability to view analytics for comments.


AnyComment is a plugin with both paid and free plans. Each plan has different limits of features allowed.

5. GraphComment

Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins

GraphComment is a free WordPress comment plugin. 


Personalization – You can display your personal logo during registration and in transactional emails. You can also access footer replacement options to manage according to your preferences.

Easy Installation – GraphComment is a very easy plugin to install.

Real-Time Posting – By allowing comments to be published in real-time, you can enable real-time and live discussions. In this way, users can chat in real time and without losing the topic of the discussion.

Auto Registration – Allows login from various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google). 

Theme Creation – You are allowed to choose a theme color so that you can integrate GraphComment nicely into your web design.

Guest Comments – Commenters can comment as guests.


GraphComment has a free plan and two paid plans, Starter and Pro, for $7/month and $74/month respectively. It also has a plan called Enterprise for Enterprises. 

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