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Keyword Gap Analysis and SEO Tools

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When it comes to keyword research, there are numerous keyword research tools to assist us. However, what matters is the technique you use to research the perfect keyword for your business. This technique is literally a different way of finding new keywords. In this guide, we will teach you about Keyword gap analysis and best practices.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your business. For the most part, this is done by determining how your target users find a website like yours. Keyword research helps us identify phrases, words, queries that the audience is asking using a search engine.

As a business or blog, when we know what kind of queries users (the audience) are asking through search engines, we can optimize or create new pages, help users find the answer, and use that traffic to grow our business.

Alternatively, you can also run PPC ads on the platform, such as Google ads or Facebook ads, to drive traffic to yourself or your client websites using the same keywords (queries) . This way, you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog or business.

Optimizing your keyword for search engine is a matter of on -page SEO . But today we dig deeper into keyword research.

What is Keyword Gap Analysis?

Keyword gap analysis is a strategy of comparing two or more competing domains to determine the keywords the competition is ranking for.

The process here is to choose 1-2 competitors or the best websites and use any of the competitor keyword gap analysis tools mentioned below and find the keywords that drive traffic to your competitor websites.

With keyword gap analysis tools, you can find new opportunities to create content for yourself or your customers.

Competitor keyword gap analysis has many benefits, for example;

  1. The fastest way to find new opportunities,
  2. Find the questions readers are asking,
  3. Discover keywords that work for an existing website,
  4. Find valuable and high-volume keywords within a minute.

The Importance of Keyword Research

The keyword research process can help your business (Blog, e-commerce, service or otherwise) in the following ways:

  1. Keyword research helps you understand the language your target audience uses in a search engine. We usually use Google as the base as it is the largest search engine.
  2. It helps you discover queries that can directly help you get paid customers from organic searches like Google, Yandex and others .
  3. Engaged audience: Your audience is already ready (ready to buy) and you will get high engagement in the form of comments, shares or even sales.
  4. Market and customer trend  : Periodically, doing Keyword research will help you understand which direction the market and customers are heading.
  5. Competitive advantage: Adding keywords before your competitors will give you a solid advantage. Done right, in a less crowded industry, it can help you earn a lot of backlinks as a first publisher advantage.
  6. Reduce PPC Cost : Keywords and the right SEO will help you drive that traffic for free. This type of organic ranking can significantly reduce your digital marketing cost.

How to Perform Competitive Keyword Gap Analysis?

You will need the following to start the process;

  1. SEO analysis tools to perform competitive keyword gap analysis ,
  2. List of your competitors,
  3. A few hours of focus

You can also review our article below for keyword research and creating quality content.

Best Tools for Keyword Gap Analysis:

Today, all popular Keyword Research Tools offer Keyword gap analysis features. Here are some of the most popular Keyword range analysis tools these days:

  1. SEMRush
  2. Neilpatel
  3. Ahrefs
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