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How to Setup Contact Form 7 on WordPress Website

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Are you looking for a free contact form plugin for your WordPress site?

If you manage a website built on WordPress, you’ll want to install a free contact form plugin. This will make it easy for visitors to contact you. There are lots of great options out there, but we recommend Contact Form 7.

WordPress Contact Form 7 is a great plugin for creating forms that generate leads. It is easy to integrate and deploy, and it is even used with themes that have integrated contact forms. However, Contact Form 7 offers more customization and options than most other contact form plugins.

Contact Form 7; It is a popular free WordPress contact form plugin with over 5 million downloads.

Contact Form 7 is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to create various contact forms for your website.

This plugin is only free and makes it easy to add your contact forms to any page, post or widget area with a custom short code for each form you create.

Do you want a way for potential customers or regular readers to contact you?

You can buy a theme with a custom contact page built in or try to code a contact page yourself, but these options are expensive or complicated.

You don’t have time for that, so you have to use Contact Form 7. We love this plugin so much that almost every WordPress theme supports it, even the best Premium WordPress theme supports it.

Contact Form 7 Setup

Installation is easy. Just go to Plugins > Add New and use the Search option to find the Contact Form 7 plugin. Install and activate the plugin.

Once active, you should see a handy, stylish “Contact” menu item in the WordPress admin panel left menu. Click on it to go to the contact form management page.

Now, click Add New to create the first contact form. When your contact form opens, you will see many options. Related Image…

You can personalize it by changing the form name with the box under Add New Contact Form. You can leave the automatically generated Form 1 as it is or edit it as you wish.

You can also find the shortcut code for the contact form you created here. Copy and paste this code to insert into any text field.

Or if you are using the Visual Composer Drag & Drop page builder plugin, you may not have to use the shortcut. Visual Composer includes a page builder module specifically for Contact Form 7, so all you have to do is select the form you want to use from the drop-down menu.

1. Form

The form box is where you will create your contact form. Contact Form 7 uses various tags to add different form sections.

The default contact form includes fields for name, email, subject, message, and submit button. To delete a field, delete the code from its form.

To add a field, use the Create Tag button to generate your custom field tag code, then copy and paste your long code into your form section.

You can create labels for text, email, URL, phone, number, date, large text field, dropdown, checkboxes, radio buttons, accept (eg Terms), quiz, CAPTCHA, file upload and submit button.

2. Mail

This is where you edit the information you want to be forwarded in the email you receive when users submit their contact form.

By default the plugin uses the email address of your site’s administrator, but you can easily change this to a support email or multiple email addresses.

Also, if you choose to add custom tags to your form, be sure to include the short codes in the Mail Message body. If you don’t paste this piece of code, you won’t receive responses from users for that domain.

If you want to send a different email to different recipients, the Mail 2 option can be used. Maybe you want to receive emails with full contact form information, but you only want your support staff to receive emails with one or two fields.

You can customize the second mail section so that only certain fields are sent to your staff from contact form submissions.


You can edit the sent message or error message that will appear when users complete the form and submit it here. You can create customized messages for users for events such as submission, validation errors, incorrect CAPTCHA, and more.

After you’re done editing, be sure to save your changes. Now you can copy the form short code to add it to a page. Or, if you’re using the Visual Composer page builder, you can simply add the Contact Form 7 module and choose one of the forms you’ve created from the dropdown.

Learn More About Contact Form 7 For more tips on using Contact Form 7, please  see its documentation .

Here you will find detailed explanations of the various tags and what they can do, helpful tips from plugin authors, and helpful articles for troubleshooting that for some reason the plugin is not working for you.

Contact Form 7 is one of the best free plugins available and one of the best options for creating contact forms on any WordPress website.

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