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How to Increase Website Domain Authority?

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In order to rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERP), you should do SEO studies and optimize your website in accordance with the search engine ranking criteria. One of the ranking criteria for websites is to increase the domain authority.

We can see that among two different websites with similar quality content, the site with high authority ranks higher in the search engine results. For this reason, in our article, we will give you a guide on how to increase the authority of your website.

First of all, you need to increase the DA and PA scores for the authority of your website . While doing this, it is also necessary to pay attention to the spam score.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA, also known as domain authority, is the score between 0 and 100 by the Moz algorithm for how well your website will rank in search engine results. This scoring is determined by many points such as Moz Rank, Moz Trust, social signal, root domain links, backlink profile, site speed, traffic count, user experience.

The DA assessment is briefly as follows;

  • 1-19 low domain authority (New websites)
  • Average domain authority between 20-29
  • 30-39 good domain authority
  • Strong domain authority between 40-59
  • Very strong domain authority between 60-80
  • 81-100 is considered an excellent domain authority.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

PA, also known as page authority, is a predictive score for a web page’s success in search engine results. The PA value is also given between 1 and 100. The higher the score, the higher the quality of the website page.

To increase the authority of your website, you should take steps to increase both PA and DA values. The authority of your website is determined in a complicated way. For this reason, your website needs to be managed professionally in every aspect.

How to Do a Web Site Domain Authority Test?

There are many paid and free tools available on the internet to find out the current domain authority of your website. Although each tool has its own evaluation metrics, they generally examine similar values. However, every vehicle may not have the same authority score.

How to Do a Web Site Domain Authority Test?

You can use the following tools to learn the domain authority of your website.

You can visit the address below to do a reliable and free domain authority test.

To do a free test with Moz infrastructure, visit the address below.

To do a free test with another tool, visit the address below.

Now let’s look at how to increase the authority of your website together.

Upgrade Website Domain Authority in 14 Steps:

In order to increase the domain authority of your website, you need to do a versatile work. Let’s list for you how you can work in this process;

1. Post Quality Content

In order to increase the authority of your website, you must first share quality content. All of your content here must be original and of high quality. At the same time, you should include content that is fluent and easy to read.

All of your content must be of sufficient length and must have unique original content features. Enriching your content with GIF, visual and video content will also work. With long content and the right keyword selection, you can do a very effective authority study.

2. Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords in domain authority is also very important. You should analyze the target keywords in your content well. By determining keywords with high search volume, you can attract more visitors with the right side keywords and reach a wider audience at the base.

Check out our article below for keyword analysis.

3. Pay Attention to Your Keyword Density

In addition to the keyword selection in the domain authority, the keyword density in the content should also be sufficient. You should include the right keywords adequately in the content. Neither too few nor too many keywords should be used. In general, a keyword density of 2.2.5% might be ideal. The keyword must be in the first 160 characters and spread throughout the text.

4. Use Heading Tags

Heading tags have a great impact on domain authority on your website. With the right tags, your authority can increase significantly. Apart from the main title, the content should also have sub-titles. Key words should also be included in the titles.

5. URL Structure Should Be User-Friendly

URL structure is also very important in increasing the authority of your website. The URL structure must be user-friendly. First of all, you must include the target keyword in the URL structure. At the same time, you need to integrate the keyword without including numbers and parameters. In addition, search engine friendly link structure is also important.

6. Use Meta Tags

The meta tags on your web pages should be compatible with the URL structure and content. Keywords must be included in the meta title and meta description descriptions. These sections allow search engine bots to better crawl your website and web pages.

7. Define Content Title Well

Your content title is crucial to website authority. First of all, your keyword should be in the title of your content. In addition, you should use an interesting title by giving the information you promised to the users. Thus, visitors show more demand for your website.

8. Optimize Your Images

For domain authority, you should also rank high in image search results. For this, you need to make visual optimization in the images in your content. Images should be chosen in harmony with the content, their sizes should be adjusted correctly, they should not slow down the site, and alt tags with keywords should be used in the original image.

9. Add Internal Links

You should definitely add internal links to your website. Wikipedia has increased its domain authority up to 100 thanks to internal links. If internal links are used correctly and effectively on your website, the bounce rate will also decrease. You should output links to different titles in the content on each of your pages.

With internal links, you can increase your website authority and at the same time strengthen the page authority of the weak page.

You can review our article to learn more about internal linking strategies.

10. Appeal to a Broader Audience

You need to attract visitors to your website organically. For this, you can have a presence and share on different social media channels. However, your content on social media should be interesting and original. At the same time, if you create content that answers all questions in the area you serve, you can appeal to a wide audience.

11. Get Rid of Harmful Links on Your Website

One of the important factors that lower the authority of your website is malicious links. You should optimize the content on your website and constantly check for harmful links. You should periodically remove malicious links from your website. Otherwise, these contents may be perceived as spam by search engine bots and may negatively affect the authority of your website.

12. Create a Content Calendar

To increase domain authority, your website must be constantly active. In order to be active, you need to regularly share content on your website. Create a specific content calendar for this. If you share content according to the content calendar, you can get more traffic. For this reason, you should constantly include up-to-date publications on your website.

13. Do Quality Backlink Studies

In order to increase the DA PA scores of your website and to attract quality traffic to your website, you should do backlink studies on various platforms. While doing these studies, make sure that the sites you get backlinks from are relevant to your industry and target audience.

14. Do Qualified SEO Studies

SEO studies are also very important in website authority. If you regularly do long-term SEO work, your website’s authority will gradually increase and you can gain a permanent place in search engines. So instead of coming to a place with ads, have a qualified and professional SEO strategy.

If you are just starting the SEO work of your website, we recommend that you review the following articles.

Last word

We have come to the end of our website authority promotion article. Remember, the more authoritative your website is, the more successful you will be in search engines. At the same time, the authority of your website will increase as you rank higher in the search engines.

We hope this guide article was useful for you. You can ask us what you are wondering about raising domain authority by commenting .

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