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How to Configure WordPress SMTP Mail Settings?

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By making your WordPress SMTP mail settings, you can easily start receiving mail from the contact forms of your website. Follow the steps below to start WP mail STMP settings setup.

Step 1: Go to WordPress Admin Panel > Plugins > Add New and download the WP Mail SMTP by WPForms plugin.


Step 2: After activating the WP Mail SMTP plugin, open the Administration Panel > WP Mail SMTP > Settings page.

Step 3: In the window that opens, edit the relevant fields according to your own information.

From Email: Type in which e-mail address you want to send an e-mail from. You can create an e-mail address such as from your hosting company and use it only for these transactions. If you do not have a corporate e-mail address, you can also write e-mail addresses such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

From Name: Type the name from which the mail will come.

Note: You can leave other settings as default.

Step 4: In this step, we choose the client for which we will set our SMTP server settings from the mailer section. Select Other STMP .

Step 5: It’s time to configure our SMTP Host settings. Write your own information in the relevant sections as in the image below, and then click the Save Settings button.

SMTP Host: (If you are not installing via corporate mail, type localhost .)

Encrytion: Mark the encryption type as None. (If there are problems, try again as TLS.)

SMTP Port: It should be 587.

Auto TLS: ON option must be activated. (In some cases, it may cause problems due to server misconfigurations and may need to be disabled.)

Authentication: It must be turned ON.

SMTP Username: Type your corporate e-mail that you created over hosting.

SMTP Password: Type the password you chose for your corporate mail.

We have successfully completed the WordPress SMTP settings. Now we click on the Email Test field from the top section to test our settings .

Add your e-mail address and click the Send Email button and that’s it. If there is a problem with your settings , review the Encrytion and Auto TLS sections again.

We have come to the end of our WordPress SMTP mail settings article.

If you have problems with WP Mail SMTP setup, you can let us know by commenting.

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