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How To Build A Poker-Themed Blog On WordPress

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The pandemic restrictions stopped people from getting together for poker nights in-person. The result? People decided to take their games online, reports the LA Times. As more and more people turn towards the internet to fuel their poker passion, the number of poker sites continues to get bigger.

So if you find yourself on the cusp of building your very own poker-themed blog, here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction!


Deciding on a domain name is the first important step you need to make when you’re building your poker-themed blog. Make sure it gives your potential reader a bit of a hint into what you will be writing about. Easy to remember and easy to spell names are best! According to Matt Cuts, former head of Web Spam Team at Google, having a keyword-based domain gives you a leg up with search engine optimization. Once you’ve decided on a name, find a good host.


The internet is a game of aesthetics. Just like poker, if you want to win the game you need to learn how to play it. If you’re techy enough, you can choose to display your individuality and make your own. For most of us who are not as gifted – do not fret! There are multiple free and paid poker themes available. All you have to do is consult our friendly neighborhood Google.



Widgets and plug-ins help in the functionality of your blog. It makes it easier for your potential reader to access your social media links and search for a specific article you’ve written. It also allows you to make your blog a one-stop-shop for everything poker. Here are a few widgets and plug-ins we think you need:

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons that link visitors to your various social profiles. This plug-in lets you choose which social media profiles to include and customize the size and color of the icons.

Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails

You already know by now that visual is king. This widget allows you to list the most recent posts with post titles, thumbnails, excerpts, authors, categories, dates and more.


This plug-in doesn’t only help you with site ranking, it also offers hints and tips to improve your content and pages to make them more SEO-friendly.

World Series of Poker Widget

If you’re keen on poker, you’ll be familiar with the World Series of Poker. This widget helps track all of the WSOP dates and allows you to track the upcoming schedules and events.

Poker News Widget

This widget is a great way to help you aggregate gaming news all in one place, so your readers stay on your site rather than head elsewhere. It also sends the latest news straight to your Gmail inbox.


…and do it well! No matter how good your domain name is, how amazing it looks or how many widgets and plugins you have – nothing beats top quality content. If you need a little readership boost or you just want to ensure the right people see it, our article on ‘8 Tips for SEO Compatible Blog Posts’ will help you make sure it is search-friendly and optimized. Get your creative juices flowing and get those keyboard keys clicking.

Good luck and may the (poker) odds be in your favor!

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