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Best WordPress Ping List 2023

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Best WordPress Ping List 2023

If you’re writing a blog or adding content to a site, it’s important that your new posts get indexed in all major search engines to get traffic. WordPress has a great ping service option for faster indexing of posts and blogs. When you publish a new post or edit an existing post, WordPress automatically notifies those site update services. Updated WordPress Ping List for 2023.

By default, only one service “Pingomatic ping service” is active in the list of services that inform various search engines. However, you can manually ping multiple WordPress services to get your WordPress site indexed faster. Here is the latest ping list updated in 2023 for faster indexing of new posts.

Here is a new verified and updated WordPress Ping list for 2023, a list of working ping services that will help you index your new posts faster.

How to add ping list in WordPress?

To add new ping services to the ping list, simply go to Settings >> Typing. Place the above list under ‘Update services’ and click Save. Your ping list will be updated in this way. When you edit any post or publish a new post, WordPress automatically notifies all the ping services above. If you use the sitemap generator plugin or the WordPress SEO plugin by Rank Math, both will automatically ping the Google and Bing search engines.

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