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Avada WordPress Theme Installation And Review

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I have come across friends who have problems in WordPress theme research and installation, and who constantly want to get information about theme installation on the forums. We decided to handle the installation and configuration of the best-selling WordPress themes for you.

First of all, I would like to say that you do not download popular WordPress paid themes from sites where you can download them for free. Shell scripts hidden in the theme are added. The purpose of Shell scripts is not to attract attention by staying in ambush for a certain time and becomes active after the specified time.

When it becomes active, you can earn money by sending your site login information to third parties, allowing your site to be hacked or by advertising on certain pages without your awareness. Therefore, the safest process is to buy the theme from secure sites.

As for where to buy the themes, you can buy them from Themeforest , the world’s number one in theme sales  .

Avada Multipurpose WordPress theme…

Avada WordPress theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that has reached 700,000+ sales in a short time with 80+ different homepage styles.

Thanks to the Event Calendar plugin, you can make activities among your customers, and with the WooCommerce plugin, you can turn your WordPress sites into e-commerce sites. Avada also supports WPML language plugin, unlimited languages ​​can be added and it is compatible with Turkish language. Having a very functional admin panel, Avada has unlimited color options and unlimited font options.

You can quickly and easily create unique page designs with drag and drop interface thanks to Fusion Builder without any CSS and HTML code knowledge.

In Avada WordPress theme, you can install the demo page template you want with one click. In order to download the demo pages, you must first activate the Avada theme by entering the “Purchase Code” theme settings given to you from Themeforest, where you purchased it. If you do not activate it, the demo pages will appear inactive and you cannot load the demo templates.

Downloading Avada Demo Pages

It gives a warning that we need to install the plugins that come with the theme first, or that the plugin is missing while loading the demo page template, and you can install the missing plugins at that time. There are 80+ different page designs on the screen opened by clicking the Demos tab under the admin panel Avada theme management.

When we hover over the demo pages, the “Import” and “Preview” buttons appear. We can either load the page template we want to use by saying Import, or we can examine the page template in detail by saying Preview. You can edit the demo pages you have uploaded by selecting Edit from the Pages tab in the admin panel section.

Avada WordPress Theme Installation

With Avada, which has the title of being the best selling WordPress theme in the world, you can design your dream web design without any code knowledge…


Perfect Theme and Page Editing Tool

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