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8 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

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Looking for the best WordPress store finder plugins?

If you run a business with multiple physical locations, a store locator can make it easier for your customers to find a nearby outlet for your business.

This is for example salons, medical shops, gyms, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. works seamlessly for any chain business model.

These plugins are useful for searching a range of stores that sell WordPress themes and plugins. They can be used to find the best products, price comparisons, discounts, local availability and more.

The number of available stores is constantly growing, which means there’s never a shortage of places to shop. Some of these plugins also allow users to compare products side by side and share their experience with others. While some are free (like the popular WP Store Finder), others require a fee for additional features like live chat support or custom categories.

There are tons of WordPress store finder plugins out there, but only a few stand out as the best for real-world use. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s best to take time to look at what each plugin offers before deciding which one is best for your needs.

In this article, we will share our selection of the best free and paid WordPress store finder plugins.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Below you will find paid and free store finder plugins for your business store. These plugins help customers find your nearby branch using Google Maps.

1. Super Store Finder

Super Store Finder is a premium WordPress store finder plugin. It integrates with Google Maps to help customers find your stores quickly.

The plugin offers an intuitive design for any screen size, including smartphones, tablets and touchscreen devices. There is also a drop-down filter so users can find your store anywhere with just a few clicks.

It can be used to label your stores, add color, divide zones, etc. You can fully customize maps for Map settings are easy to manage, even for beginners with no coding knowledge.

The best part about this plugin is that it lets you use your favorite  drag and drop page builders like Visual Composer to customize map pages  .

Super Store Locator Features:

  • Multiple store locator layouts
  • Full-width Google Maps screen
  • WPML compatibility
  • Supports unlimited locations
  • Full screen street view option
  • Total store counter
  • Country and region filters
  • And more…

2. WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator is a free yet powerful WordPress store locator plugin. It comes with a built-in location management system that you can use to provide custom tags for input fields.

This allows your users to filter results by radius and find a store near their location. The map will also offer directions to nearby stores from their current location so that a customer can use their GPS to find your store easily.

You can add complete information for each store with location map markers. This includes phone number, fax number, email, website, store description, opening and closing hours, and more. You can even import or export store data.

The plugin supports shortcodes to add individual store details to separate pages and posts. This way, you can also run promotions for a specific branch of your business.

WP Store Locator Features:

  • Supports unlimited stores
  • Custom map styles
  • Retina ready pointer icons
  • Show distances in Km or Miles
  • Multi-language support
  • CSV file import, export and update
  • Extensions and premium plugins
  • And more…

3. MapifyPro

MapifyPro is a highly customizable WordPress store finder plugin in the market. It gives you full control over your maps with unlimited possibilities to add as many maps as you need to your WordPress website.

You can add custom settings, search-friendly locations, and more to each map on your site. It also allows you to view a list of all your locations at the bottom of the map, and users can click on any location to see more details on the map.

MapifyPro supports any image you want to use to view your locations. You’ll be able to use a park, convention, or video game map on the front-end while keeping it as accurate as Google Maps.

It supports photos and videos to help users identify a location. You can add custom images for events and memories that happened in a particular place (this works similarly to Google Maps).

MapifyPro Features:

  • Custom filters and categories
  • Supports hundreds of pointer icons
  • Animate tooltips and pointers
  • Directions on GPS devices
  • Nearby suggestions using city or zip code
  • Map clusters to group nearby locations
  • And more…

4. Advanced Google Maps

Advanced Google Maps is a feature-rich WordPress store locator plugin with all-in-one support for Google Maps. It allows you to assign multiple categories to your locations and users to filter a nearby location using these categories.

The plugin works seamlessly with Google Maps so users can get directions on their device. It presents the route in miles and kilometers based on user preference and provides route information for driving, cycling, walking and public transport users.

The plugin will ask users for their starting and ending location in the direction tab so they can enter their preferred destination. This helps users find your nearby store from their live location.

Maps can be customized from the backend. This means you can add colors, opacity, start position, end position, optimize waypoints, custom markers, and more.

Advanced Google Maps Features:

  • Advanced Google Maps features
  • Custom location markers
  • Import and export locations
  • Multiple information window designs
  • Supports interactive shapes
  • Precise zoom level
  • Google autosuggest option
  • Beautiful splash animations
  • And more…

5. Locatorid

Locatoraid is a lightweight and free WordPress store finder plugin. It automatically finds the user’s location and displays the nearest stores.

You can add all your locations to the backend and then the plugin uses geocoding functionality to tag those locations on the map. From now on, your customers will be able to find your store where they are.

The best part about Locatoraid is that it lets you customize the map styles to fit your website, so the maps become a part of your site.

Your store locations can be in any country as it is fully integrated with Google Maps. The map will select the location and show it to your users based on their city and country.

Locatorid Features:

  • Custom fields for additional information
  • Categories by products
  • Beautiful map icons
  • Flexible search widget
  • Easy configuration
  • And more…

6. WordPress Store Locator

9 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

WordPress Store Locator is an innovative and powerful online store locator plugin. It allows you to add a store locator to your product pages and help customers find physical stores to buy your products.

It allows you to create dealer landing pages and add a store locator to each page to increase your sales. Store locator works on automatic geolocation to determine user location and view nearest stores and dealers.

The plugin provides a shortcode that you can use to display the store locator on your site. It’s easy to embed this shortcode on your pages, posts, and custom post types.

WordPress Store Locator has a customized search box that automatically locates users, saves it in a cookie, and uses it when customers want to find a store. The store locator and map are fully customizable to add icons, change colors and more.

WordPress Store Locator Features:

  • Multiple map layout
  • Customizable map type and zoom level
  • Default radius and distance unit
  • Customizable information window
  • Supports CTA buttons
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins
  • WooCommerce friendly
  • And more…

8. Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator is a free and comprehensive WordPress store locator plugin. It lets you add unlimited stores in the backend and your users will find the closest stores in their area with Google Maps.

The plugin works with geolocation to display an accurate address and roadmap for nearby stores. It has a category management system to add stores based on the products and services offered at the physical location, so users can always find the right store.

Agile Store Locator offers time format to add business hours, distance units to guide users, customization options to showcase priority stores and more.

If you have physical stores in one country, you can limit the user search to that country. After users find the nearest store, they can easily open the directions on Google Maps and reach the right spot.

Agile Store Locator Features:

  • Search for zoom level and click
  • Full width store locator
  • Map language support
  • Custom logo for each store
  • Stylish infobox for maps
  • Directions by city, state, country
  • Show store timing in search
  • And more…

8. Store Locator Widget

Store Locator Widget is a free and simple WordPress store locator plugin. It has an easy configuration in the plugin to add your store locations and display them on your WordPress website.

It’s fully customizable to include Google Maps and markers in the store locator with multiple layout options to match your theme’s style. The addon claims to provide unlimited access without any restrictions.

You will also be able to customize the text in the store finder and make it user-friendly according to your needs. With multi-language support, you can display the store list to users in their local language.

The Store Locator Widget requires a bit of a learning curve as you will need to use a code snippet to display the store locator on your website or online store. However, the plugin supports WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. Works with all popular website builders including .

Store Locator Widget Features:

  • Automatic geolocation support
  • Powerful location importer
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Flexible search filters
  • Real-time distance calculator
  • First map location
  • And more…

Which is the Best Store Locator Plugin for WordPress?

After reviewing the best plugins to add store finder to your site, we can give you a decision with confidence.

For single stores and offices, SeedProd is the best and simplest plugin. You can add a map finder with just a drag and drop!

For multi-store locations  , we recommend Super Store Finder . It is a premium plugin with all the features you need to manage store locations on your site.

If you are looking for a completely free option,  WP Store Locator  is the right one for you.

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