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7 Best Gutenberg Friendly WordPress Themes

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Are you looking for a Gutenberg friendly WordPress theme for your WordPress Site?

Gutenberg is stronger than you think. Creating blog posts is not just an editor. Instead,  you can also use Gutenberg to create stunning homepages for your WordPress site , just like page builder plugins like Elementor  and Divi Builder .

But since Gutenberg has less design control, you need to use an appropriate theme to get more. If you prefer to create pages using it instead of a page builder, we’ve rounded up some of the best WordPress themes.

Two of the common issues when creating a page using  Gutenberg are the page layout and typography controls. For example, to create a full-width page,  you need to add a new function to your theme’s functions.php file (unless your theme already has a built-in option to set a full-width layout).

Also, you only have to switch between Gutenberg and the theme customizer ( Appearance -> Customize  )  to change the font family of the Paragraph and Heading blocks  . If you enjoy building a page using Gutenberg, plugins like Kadence Blocks and Otter offer more design control.

Unlike Elementor and Divi Builder, theme selection plays a vital role when creating a page using Gutenberg as it will determine what you can apply to your design. Not all themes offer an option to adjust the page layout. Worse still, some themes don’t even let you change the font of the Paragraph block, Title block, and other text-containing blocks.

When searching for a WordPress theme for Gutenberg, you should consider the following settings options:

  • Page layout
  • typography
  • Ability to hide page elements (header, header, footer, featured image, and soon)
  • and much more…

Best WordPress Themes for Gutenberg

1. Kadence

Kadence  is one of the best options for building a WordPress website using Gutenberg. It comes with the Kadence Blocks plugin which is a great helper to let you achieve more with Gutenberg.

Also, Kadence offers a number of ready-made templates that you can access from the theme’s settings. With the Kadence theme, you can control things like page layout and hide unnecessary page elements. You can also control the typography settings, specifically the font family.

Useful features like breadcrumbs and back button are also available. Kadence also allows you to customize your site’s header and footer. Header color, transparent header, sticky header, etc. You can set things like

2. Blocksy

After installing the Blocksy  theme, you will see a new icon next to the gear icon in the Gutenberg editor. You can click on the icon to access the page settings where you can adjust things like page layout and enabling/disabling page elements.

You can also enable responsive editing by clicking the Design tab. Similar to Kadence, Blocksy offers ready-made Gutenberg templates to streamline your workflow.

You need to install Blocksy Companion to access the templates. After going to the theme customizer you will see that there are many settings options offered by Blocksy. You will see the settings block dedicated to customizing the site header and site footer.

You can specify typography settings for page elements such as the On Typography  settings block, paragraph, headings, block quote, and button. Blocksy also has a settings block for WooCommerce where you can customize WooCommerce pages such as checkout, single product and product archives.

3. GeneratePress

GenereatePress  is also a great theme for creating a page with Gutenberg. It also allows you to set the page layout before you start working. Typography settings are also available in the theme customizer. However, GeneratePress is not the best if you want to control other site parts such as header and footer. GeneretePress does not offer any options to customize the header and footer unless you are using the professional version.

4. Astra

Astra  is one of the most popular free WordPress themes. It has over a million users, according to a statistic on Astra is also a great theme for creating a page with Gutenberg.

The ability to adjust the page layout and enable/disable page elements are just two examples of what Astra offers. With Astra, you can control the typography settings (via the theme customizer) of page elements such as headings and paragraphs.

With Astra, you can also control the appearance of your site’s header and footer thanks to the header and footer builder.

5. GutenShop

Gutenshop – A Gutenberg eCommerce and blogging theme for WordPress. Most ecommerce themes are slow because WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and Elementor, Divi Builder etc. They need to integrate heavy frameworks and lots of code to make it compatible with page builders like Gutenshop is different because it works entirely with WordPress 5.0+ content editor Gutenberg blocks. You can download Gutenberg from , where  you can also find a number of child themes such as  Alluring eCommerce or  the SuperbThemes website .

6. Neve

Neve  is a theme from Otter developer ThemeIsle. Ideally, you would use this theme with Otter installed on your WordPress site. If you are looking for a Gutenberg-focused theme that offers ready-made templates, Neve is one of the best choices. A separate plugin is required to access the ready-made templates that Neve offers.

With the Neve theme active, you will see a new icon next to the gear icon inside the Gutenberg editor. Clicking the icon will open the page settings where you can adjust the page layout and disable the page elements you don’t need.

Does Neve allow you to change the fonts on your site? Yes like that.

You can go to the theme customizer to change the fonts. You can even adjust the letter spacing and line height. Items you can change fonts for are paragraph (body), headings, post meta, post title, etc. In addition, Neve also allows you to customize the header and footer of your website.

7. Customify

Customify is another great theme for building pages with Gutenberg. First, it lets you set the page layout. Whether you want to create a page without a sidebar or a full-width page, you can do it with Customize. Once this theme is installed and activated, you will see a settings block in the Gutenberg settings panel.

The settings block aims to set the page layout and enable/disable page elements. Second, Customize also allows you to change the fonts of the Paragraph and Heading blocks via the theme customizer. Also, Customize allows you to customize the title as well as the title of your WordPress site.


Despite the existence of page builder plugins, some WordPress users choose to use Gutenberg to build their website’s pages for various reasons. If you want to create your site pages using Gutenberg, the first thing you need to do is choose the right theme.

Unlike page builder plugins like Elementor and Divi Builder, Gutenberg has extremely limited design controls. For example, to change the font of the paragraph element, you need to go to the theme customizer, whereas WordPress themes do not provide a setting option to change the font. The ability to adjust the page layout is a very important thing to consider when looking for a theme for Gutenberg.

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