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7 Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress 2022

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If you own a blog and are trying to gain traffic, you could add a podcast. This will not only give you more content but can improve your site’s authority as well. Have a look at our podcast guide for more information on this subject.

If you are having trouble with finding artists to feature on your show, there are music apps that can help. Here is a list of the 7 best music adding apps for WordPress.

WordPress’ Built-in Music Feature

Every WordPress site comes with an audio player that you can view and play any audio files on your site. This could include recordings of your podcast or clips from a live event. You can embed the player in any post or on any page or sidebar to have visitors listen to your content .

To add an audio player to your  post , click the Add Media  button at the top of your Add new post  page  . Then click Choose File to upload your audio file  . After the file  is added to the Media Library , customize the  Attachment Details as you wish and  press the Add to Post  button.

If you want to add the sound as a component you  can go to the Appearance  tab and  click Components . Click Audio file , choose where to place the component  and click Add component . Click Add audio file to add your file and then click  Save to finish the process.


7 Best WordPress Music Addon Plugins

Even if you are using the built-in audio player, this feature is quite limited and provides no customization.

That’s why you need plugins for more features and options like embedding podcasts and SoundCloud files.

Here are the 7 best WordPress music addons for adding music to the site:

1. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player

Just as the name suggests, this WordPress music adding plugin is easy to use and compact. You can place the shortcode of the plugin wherever you want, and a small play button will appear wherever you place it, whether it’s a post or a page. Moreover, this plugin is  free .

This WordPress audio player  supports .mp3  and  .ogg  files. All the files you add will work on all smart devices. Autoplay and loop options are also available. Thus, as soon as the page is loaded, the music will start playing and will be played again automatically.

If you want to sell audio files, you can offer a short preview using this plugin.

You can also edit the shortcode to increase the volume or add text around it. The developer provides a customization guide on the official plugin page for this.

2.  Audio Album

The Audio Album plugin allows you to group multiple audio files and make them into an album.

The plugin is free and very easy to use . Since it integrates WordPress core files, some of its features are the same as the default WordPress audio player.

You can show multiple albums on one page and change the colors of the player through the WordPress customizer.

Unlike the default WordPress audio player, you can add titles, details and date to songs. Moreover, the width and height of the player can be adjusted.

3. SoundCloud is Gold

WARNING: Make sure  this plugin is compatible with your WordPress version!

If you use SoundCloud often , you will like this plugin. You can share songs, playlists and favorites in your posts with this WordPress audio player plugin.

This plugin can register multiple users . Great for sites with musicians or podcasters.

This WordPress music adding plugin has three style options: Standard, Art and Visual.

This plugin creates a new tab in the WordPress dashboard with song descriptions, covers and URLs.

Just like most WordPress add music plugins, SoundCloud is Gold uses a shortcode, but this plugin will change the shortcode as you customize its features.

With the live preview feature, you can edit the player to match the design of your website.

4. Blubrry PowerPress

This plugin is  free  and has many great features for both amateur and professional podcasters.

Moreover, this plugin supports Google and Apple podcasts . Adds a podcast newsletter to your WordPress site.

You can easily make a podcast using the Simple mode that only has the basics. When you’re ready to try all the settings and options, you can switch to Advanced mode.

With the import and migration tools, you can move your podcast episodes from your site to other platforms.

PowerPress also has powerful tools to help you create a subscription page, thanks to custom shortcode and sidebar components. This WordPress music adding plugin has SEO features to help you get to the top of the SERPs ( Search Engine Results Page  ).

5. Music Player for WooCommerce

If you have installed the WooCommerce plugin to sell music, this plugin will be a useful extension for you. The plugin itself is free  and has everything necessary to add a music player to your store.

This WordPress music player supports OGA, MP3, WAV and WMA formats. It also works on most popular browsers and mobile devices.

However, you only have three skin options for the player’s design.

You can choose whether to show all controls, such as play and volume keys and show the player on the cart page.

This plugin also uses a shortcode and a playlist component that can be positioned in the sidebar or posts.

6. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Using this podcast addon is extremely easy . First, it’s  free . This WordPress music addon has quite a few settings and uses WordPress own interface. You can set up your podcast in minutes.

You can view single episode or podcast playlists anywhere on your site using shortcodes and widgets. Moreover, you can have multiple podcasts. Each will also have their own RSS feed .

In addition, you can add cover photos, titles, descriptions and other elements to the audio player.

This plugin is integrated with Castos , where you can host your podcast audio files without leaving your WordPress dashboard .

7. Audio Igniter

Audio Igniter is no ordinary music player. You’ll find everything you need to share your music. It is free  and visually aesthetic.

If you sell digital music, you can use this plugin to sell individual songs with WooCommerce .

Moreover, you can embed unlimited playlists and songs on your posts or WordPress pages.

In addition, the player is mobile responsive, has flexible options, and you can also customize the “Buy Songs” URL field.

Another plus is that you can make radio broadcasts through this audio player. You can show only one radio broadcast or broadcast playlist.

Finally, you can show and hide playlists, artist names and song cover photos with this plugin.


WordPress has its own built-in audio player, and in general this player is not enough for anyone to add music to the site. Especially if your website contains content with music and audio files.

In general, this player is not enough for anyone. Especially if your website contains content with music and audio files.

This is where plugins come into play. Let’s take a look at our list:

Compact WP Audio Player – compact, free and simple.
Audio Album – easy to use, free and allows you to group audio files into albums.
SoundCloud is Gold – a great option for SoundCloud users who want to share their creations.
Blubrry PowerPress – free, easy to use and customizable. It has Google and Apple podcast integration.
Music Player for WooCommerce – has a free version, works on different devices and lets you sell your audio files.
Seriously Simple Podcasting – a great free plugin with podcast integration that is easy to use.
Audio Igniter – offers a pretty cool design, lets you create playlists, and has trading features in addition to that.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a plugin from our list of WordPress music addon plugins and share your tastes and creations with the world!

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