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6 Most Popular WordPress Booking & Appointment Plugins

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If you have a WordPress-based website, you can create a project with the features you want. Whether you own an individual website or develop a website for your business, you can have a website that meets your needs with functional plugins. If you work in an industry that provides services with a reservation and appointment system , there are various WordPress reservation and appointment plugins available to help you in this area.

Here we will introduce you to many options for WordPress booking and appointment plugins, with their pros and cons. In order to create a reservation and appointment system for your business on your website, you can use the plugins that we will give you in the list functionally on your WordPress-based websites.

1. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WordPress WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin is among the booking plugins that you can use functionally. They can check the availability of your customers and make an appointment directly. The free version has a functional and simple interface.

It gives the opportunity to easily select more than one date. You can easily connect your own calendar to other platforms. In addition, multiple calendars can be combined into a single page. Moreover, all calendars can be reduced to their own display. You can also switch to the paid version for a more qualified use.

2. Pinpoint Booking System

This plugin has both a paid and a free version. The most important feature compared to other booking plugins is that it offers many important features in the free version.

You can set the availability calendar and customize the appointment form. It is also good at integrating payment methods. Ajax-based calendar that supports multi-month view and time zone settings will also provide you with a very practical experience.

Many additional features such as language support, currency selection and calendar synchronization are waiting for you on Pinpoint. You can also create customized offers by creating coupons.

3. Bookly

This plugin also has paid and free versions. Among the WordPress booking plugins, you can find many important features in the free version. It offers a very practical interface for computer and mobile use and makes the reservation process faster by eliminating unnecessary data entry.

You can also customize the reservation form with Bookly. With this application, you can easily manage appointments. You can categorize reservations and manage your reservations more systematically.

You can translate into over 40 languages ​​with the WordPress Bookly booking plugin. This plugin can be used in many sectors, especially in accommodation, health and consultancy. With the premium version, you will have the opportunity to install an unlimited number of elements and extensions.

4. Booked

If you are looking for a functional and easy-to-use plugin among WordPress plugins, Booked will be the plugin you are looking for. With this plugin, you can integrate an online reservation management system into your website.

Your visitors can make an appointment with this plugin or pay fees with payment systems thanks to the WooCommerce integration. At the same time, visitors can follow the appointment status and appropriate dates and times with the calendar.

In this plugin you can add calendar to all reservations along with shortcodes. Your visitors can follow the list of appointments on the screen. This plugin also gives your users the chance to edit their profile page and they can create an appointment form as they wish. You can also track and easily organize appointments on the admin panel. It also gives the chance to send automatic e-mails to users regarding appointments.

5. Cleanto

This booking plugin will be a flexible and advanced option for you. If you are looking for a hotel reservation plugin and a restaurant reservation plugin, you can choose Cleanto. It is also suitable for cleaning, hairdressing and technical service sectors.

The most important advantage of this plugin is the ease of dynamic pricing. In the plugin, you can offer different pricing according to the day and time you prefer. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get prepayment when making an appointment. This app also offers the chance to receive payments via worldwide payment systems such as PayPal.

Cleanto also offers you additional features such as PDF invoice, coupon discount. At the same time, you can receive text message notifications for appointments and you can set additional taxes or VAT expenses in the system. It also allows you to receive payments in different currencies.

6. Hall Booking

It can be used as an appointment add-on in many sectors such as hairdressers and beauty centers, hospitals, clinics, massage parlors, fitness centers. Its most important advantages are its API support and mobile compatibility.

Salon Booking plugin is a very advanced appointment and reservation plugin for business owners and staff, with many features such as text message notification, Google Calendar tracking, categorizing appointments, choosing a service, and a practical payment form.

Salon Booking add-on offers practicality with every detail. The drag-and-drop feature, practical and customizable management panel draws attention on the site. If you need an appointment tracking system, Salon Booking appointment add-on is among the add-ons you can choose.

We have come to the end of our paid and free WordPress reservation & appointment plugins article that we have carefully selected for you. If you have any question, you can ask us by commenting.

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