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6 Best WordPress Font Plugins

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Looking for Typography WordPress Plugins to enhance your design?

Typography undoubtedly plays an important role in web design as it will increase readability and the time visitors spend on your sites. Because it plays an important role in design, beautiful fonts mainly increase user engagement as well as create a better user experience.

Most premium WordPress themes come with access to Google Fonts, allowing you to fine-tune the typography to suit your needs. In other words, we must choose the appropriate style of fonts to make the content legible and attractive when viewed.

Often beginners and many users do not know how to edit theme files. If you are one of them, don’t worry, there are many WordPress Plugins that will definitely help you improve the typography on your site without writing any code here. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Typography WordPress Plugins that you should try on your websites.

List of Best Typography WordPress Plugins 2022

1. Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google FontsHere, Easy Google Fonts allows you to use Google Fonts directly on WordPress site. It also allows you to control typography on your WordPress site by adding a Typography tab directly to the theme customizer. Using the Typography tab, you can change fonts while viewing a live preview of your changes.

Here you can choose font sizes, colors, padding and border and more. You can only use CSS selectors for advanced typography. You can also use the Inspection tool to find the CSS classes you want to target.

2. Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts

You can easily embed custom font files such as SVG, TTF, WOFF1, WOFF2, and EOT on your WordPress website thanks to the Custom Fonts plugin, which works with all of the significant font formats.

A WordPress font plugin is easy to use and accessible in the WordPress plugins repository for download. Using the Custom Fonts plugin, importing individual font files to your WordPress site has become much more straightforward.

Many free WordPress fonts and styles plugins are available, and this is one of them. It allows you to utilize a variety of fonts depending on your needs.

3. Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader

Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader

Use Any Font gives you the freedom to choose any font for your site. A typography plugin with an incredibly high number of installs is one of WordPress’s most popular typography plugins.

Using the WordPress editor, you may upload your fonts straight to your website. A plugin is an excellent option for almost all current WordPress themes and other sophisticated plugins because it is highly compatible with them all.

Utilizing it will not need the possession of technical skills on your part. It makes it simple to add custom fonts to your WordPress website without any technical knowledge.

It is pretty simple to install and configure this WordPress plugin on your website. Your website will look and function correctly on every platform, regardless of your visitors’ browser.

4. TinyMCE Advanced

Here you can use this plugin for advanced editing features like font sizes, background colors and more that you cannot do with the basic WordPress Image editor.

This is something that will really enhance and extend the process available in TinyMCE.

You can simply add or remove buttons by editing the buttons on the editor toolbar. This toll is mainly integrated with 15 more plugins for TinyMCE. This will be inadvertently enabled and disabled based on the use of the buttons.

5. Zeno Font Sizer

Zeno Font Resizer

Here, this plugin is best known for one of the font resizers. Here using font sizer directly on your website will help users to resize fonts according to their wishes using browsers only.

Thus, users can enlarge or reduce all sizes of fonts on sites. Zero Font Resizer provides the ability to add the resize widget directly to the sidebar. This plugin uses jQuery along with JavaScript to set dimensions. Here, the fonts remain the same when you visit the site again by saving the settings in a cookie.

6. Style Guide

Here this plugin will extend the functionality of the WordPress Customizer. It also allows you to change the title of the site, the menu as well as the widgets. This plugin also lets you preview any changes you’ve made to your fonts just before making them live. It also provides 45 different Google Fonts. You can also choose a font title along with a font for body text only.

EndNote: Typography WordPress Plugins

You now have a list of the best Typography WordPress Plugins with which you can improve the look and quality of all your posts and pages. I hope this post- List of Best Typography WordPress Plugins is relevant to your purpose. Feel free to add other quality Typography WordPress Plugins directly in the comments section. Share this post on all trending social media platforms.

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