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6 Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins

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Looking for an easy way to customize emails sent from your WooCommerce store?

Our Email Customizer plugin makes it simple to change the colors, logos, and layout of your store’s email templates. Plus, it’s compatible with all major email providers, so you can be sure your messages will look great no matter where they’re being viewed.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best WooCommerce email customizer plugins. By using these plugins, you can easily improve the email communications on your website.

Why Should You Use the WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin?

WooCommerce is the #1 most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress and comes with built-in settings to organize the emails you send to your customers. However, these customization options are very limited and simple.

For example, you can only change the font and background colors, edit the email content, and add a logo. These minimal customization options will make your emails look generic and unattractive.

Here’s what the default WooCommerce emails will look like:

A WooCommerce email customizer gives you more options and flexibility to customize your email notifications.

You can up-sell products, offer coupons, and even  direct users to related posts on your WordPress blog. A plugin can also help you customize email notifications sent when a customer creates a new account, resets a password, and more.

Some tools even let you create automation workflows for your online store. For example, you can automatically send prewritten emails when a customer buys a new product, subscribes to your newsletter, makes an appointment, or abandons their shopping cart.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best WooCommerce email customizer plugins on the market.

1. Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer is a free plugin that also uses the WordPress customizer to create custom emails for your online store.

The plugin shows a live preview of your WooCommerce emails in the theme customizer and offers different customization options. For example, you can easily customize titles, subtitles and body text using the plugin.

However, Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer allows you to import pre-built email templates which is not possible in Decorator plugin.

2. Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce by ThemeHigh is a  WordPress plugin that offers an email builder for beginners.

You can drag and drop different items into your transactional emails. For example, you can add text, images, social icons, buttons, GIFs, billing information, shipping details, and more.

As you customize the emails, the creator shows a live preview of your changes. This way, you can see how your emails will appear on the customer’s screen.

The plugin also offers 11 pre-built custom email templates so you can quickly select any email type and customize it to suit your needs.

It also offers WPML compatibility, allowing you to compose emails in multiple languages. You can also integrate it with other plugins like WooCommerce Order Status Manager and YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards.

3. YayMail

YayMail  is another popular WooCommerce email customizer plugin. You can easily design and organize your emails in the drag and drop builder. Its interface is easy to use and  similar to Elementor  or WordPress block editor.

The plugin comes with different widgets and dynamic blocks that you can use to add items to the WooCommerce transactional email template. The visual builder also gives you a real-time preview of your changes.

Besides that, the premium version of YayMail offers features like shipment tracking, custom order status, checkout area editor and more. You also get powerful plugins and WooCommerce extension support with YayMail Pro.

4. Flycart Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Flycart Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce  is a premium WooCommerce plugin that you can use to create custom transactional emails.

The drag and drop builder allows you to change the layout and customize your emails as you wish. You can add logos, edit email content, add social icons, and more.

There is no need to manually edit the HTML , CSS or PHP code to change the look and feel of your emails . The plugin offers basic elements and WooCommerce elements that you can add to the template.

The plugin comes with prebuilt templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. There is also the option to send test emails and make sure they are delivered to your customers.

5. Abandoned

Autonami  is the best WooCommerce email customizer plugin that is very easy to use.

It comes with a drag and drop email builder with lots of customization options. To customize your WooCommerce emails, you can add different elements by dragging them from the left menu and dropping them onto the template.

You can also further customize each element, such as changing its color, font, alignment, and more. This gives you full control over the appearance of your WooCommerce emails.

6. Decorator

Decorator is a WooCommerce plugin that lets you customize your emails using the WordPress theme customizer.

The plugin offers different options to edit the look and style of your emails. For example, you can edit email content, header, color, email header and footer, add a logo, enter social media links on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages, and more.

The Decorator plugin also allows you to add shortcodes and placeholders to show additional information in emails such as customer name, order details, company name, order date and more.

While the theme customizer offers a real-time preview of your changes, it doesn’t provide the flexibility of a drag and drop builder like you’d get with Autonami and other plugins on our list. There are also no pre-built WooCommerce email templates you can use to get started quickly.

Which Is The Best WooCommerce Email Customizer?

If you are looking for a complete tool that offers WooCommerce email customization and automation, we highly recommend using Autonami.

The plugin is very easy to use and offers a drag and drop email builder along with different email templates. You can create stunning WooCommerce emails in just a few clicks and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

Autonami also allows you to set up automated email workflows for your WooCommerce site. It helps you save time by being able to automatically send a series of emails to new customers, recover abandoned carts, send promotional emails to selected audiences, and more.

We hope this article helped you learn about the best WooCommerce email customizer plugins.

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