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13 Law Firm Websites Designed with WordPress in 2022

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All lawyers need a website. A good website is essential for any serious professional, whether you’re a decades-old firm or just getting started. But what should you include on your law firm’s site?

In this article, we will help you answer this question. First, we’ll cover seven different things that should always be on your law firm website. Next, we’ll showcase 13 of the best law firm websites from around the world and explore to see what makes them unique.

13 Best Law Firm Websites Designed with WordPress in 2022

Now that we’ve covered what you should include on your law firm’s website, let’s look at some of the best examples on the web. We cover many areas of the law, including divorce and family law, employment law, nonprofit law and more.

Divorce, Alimony and Family Law

Does your firm specialize in divorce, alimony or family law matters? These two sites are our favourites.

1.  Stanchieri Family Law

This Toronto, Canada-based law firm has an elegant, minimal website. Also, the default navigation menu is designed to be displayed on all devices, with the “hamburger” style.

Websites specializing in family law are simple and straightforward, with only six pages in total:  Home, Team, About, Career, Contact  and  Book Advice. By keeping everything as simple as possible, they make it easy for potential customers to read about their service.

2. Vaught Law Firm

This law firm’s site is very personal, which can make a great difference. On the homepage, just above a photo, there are two big calls to action:  Meet Jimmy Vaught  ,  who linked to his contact page and uploaded a one-minute promotional video  . In the video, Jimmy Vaught, the founder of the company, briefly introduces himself and his services.

If your legal practice involves dealing with individuals’ personal issues (e.g. divorce), a personal approach like that of Vaught Law firm can be a great move.

Labor, Employment and Workplace Law

These law firms specialize in business law, employment law, and other areas that focus on the workplace.

3.  Taylor Jains LLP

Taylor Janis, an expert in business and employment law, has a clean, easy-to-understand website with contact information in prominent places. The homepage   has answers to frequently asked questions such as what is severance pay . and  What is considered harassment? These help potential customers get quick answers to their problems.

4.  Small Law

Small Law, as the name suggests, has a very minimal website and branding. There are only a few pages on the site and they all describe exactly what the firm can do. Although the company is only one person, this is presented as a strength as customers will receive more focused attention.

If you’re a small firm, you can also try to turn your lack of resources into an advantage!

5.  Slinde Nelson

As this firm’s homepage suggests,  time is everything. When a potential customer visits your site, they probably have a real problem to solve. After all, they hire a lawyer.

That’s why you shouldn’t make them read long introductory paragraphs or hide your contact information deeper on a different page. Make it easy for visitors to your website to quickly understand what you have to offer and how to contact you.

6.  Delayed Law

Gecić Law is a firm based in Belgrade, Serbia. Their aim is to provide a range of legal services to their Serbian clients, including banking and finance, EU commercial law and company law.

If you’re focusing on a specific country, city, or other regional area, make sure to highlight it prominently on your website.

7.  Friedlander Misler

This law firm has a simple and easy to use website. The homepage elements   answer common questions using simple question words why, Who, What,  and  How . This is an effective way to break the legal jargon and get straight to the point.

Specifically, the firm  uses the  domain name  This is useful for both gaining customers in the Washington, DC area and having a more memorable domain name. For example, is quite long and difficult to spell, especially on the phone.

If your law firm derives most of its revenue from local clients, try to get a domain name that includes your city or state name. This is especially important if your company name is long or difficult to remember.

Multidisciplinary Law Firms

Are you a law firm that offers many different types of services? Check out the sites below. All of them manage to showcase their different services in an organized and coherent way.

8.  Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP

BKLW’s website is minimal, professional and uses a set of full-width images. This gives the entire site a modern, yet unassuming feel, which is exactly what a law firm is usually aiming for.

Also, while the original company name is quite long, the domain name ( is short and easy to remember. If your company has a long official name, choose a shortened domain name. In general, the shorter the better!

9.  Vogel Verjee

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, this law firm uses an image-heavy design. Pages are designed to be as specific as possible, which makes the process of reading them much easier. You use the header megamenu to access these different pages.

The megamenu allows potential customers to quickly find the specific issue they need help with. These range  from Oil and Gas Legislation   to  Pedestrian Accidents .

If you have a wide range of specialties, consider using a megamen. They can help potential customers find their highly specific problems before contacting you.

Nonprofit and Civil Rights

Does your firm specialize in nonprofit law, civil rights or a similar field? Check out these sites. All effectively use images to stand out.

10. Becket Law

The Becket Act defends religious freedom in six areas: education, freedom of expression, individual freedom, property rights, the public sphere, and religious communities.

Their website highlights their work, particularly successful cases. By using a series of photos and comments, these cases are made easier to understand and relate to. Becket also announces their nonprofit status and overall mission on nearly every page of their site, helping them raise more support and donations.

11. Birken Law

Birken Law is a company led by Jesscia Birken, an attorney specializing in helping nonprofits. The firm helps nonprofits initiate and manage crises and handle risks and other tasks. Websites help convey this expertise, especially through their large client list and helpful blog articles.

Accident, Injury, Malpractice and Litigation

Building a site for an accident, injury or malpractice law firm? Check out these sites. Some of the best of their kind on the web.

12. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Staver, a personal injury attorney, has a unique “tab” section on his homepage. You can view the information without having to reload the page by clicking the items on the right. This makes it easy to quickly review firm reviews, awards, results, and other information.

13. Struble

This law firm specializes in insurance and property damage claims. The website’s color scheme matches the “emergency” branding and its layout is very simple.

There are also sections for very specific topics like Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Matthew. Having these personalized pages is a great way to target potential customers who only want help in a specific scenario.

We’ve reviewed some of the best real-world law firm websites from around the world built with WordPRess. Finally, we talked a little bit about using Astra to create your own law firm site using our ready-made templates.

Are you a law firm building a site with WordPress? Which sites do you find inspiring? And what theme are you using to create your own theme? Let us know in the comments!

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