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12 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

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Are you looking for the best comment plugin for your WordPress website?
WordPress and its plugins are an inseparable duo. Although it is classified as an additional feature, the ability to use plugins is what makes WordPress so powerful. In this article we will present our list of 12 best WordPress comment plugins that will come in handy for your website and blog.

WordPress Default Comment System

First of all, WordPress itself has a default comment system that allows you to create a comment section on every page.

This default feature isn’t too bad. You can edit, read and follow all the comments on your posts directly from the control panel of your site. All you have to do is go to Start -> Comments .

You can also change the comment settings in Settings -> Discussion.

From this page you can set almost anything in your comment section. Its appearance, visitors permission and even pingback settings are included.

Brief descriptions of some of the default settings on the talk page:

  1. Try notifying the blogs linked in the article

Enabling this option will allow the WordPress system to find all the links in your post and notify the owner of the link about it. In other words, the owner of the link will know that your article contains a link to their blog/website.

  1. Enable link notifications (feedbacks and trackbacks) for new articles from other blogs

Enabling this option will allow WordPress to send you a notification/pingback if someone wants to put a link to your post or website.

  1. Allow comments on new posts

If you do not want comments on your article, you can disable this option at any time. If you disable this option after someone has left a comment, the comment will not be deleted.

However, you can delete this person’s comment  from the Manage Comments  section. This feature has been created so that you can manage all the comments on your site.

Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress Comment System

The comment feature in WordPress is a double-edged sword. It has both many benefits and some disadvantages that can hinder your business.
The comments section of WordPress can drive traffic to your website or blog. This contributes to your SEO and increases your value in the search engine. In addition, you can also use user comments as review material and inspiration to create new posts.

On the other hand, the comment column can be a hotbed of spam and similar malicious hateful & abusive comments, which can negatively impact your user interaction.

These comments are definitely editable, but editing them takes a lot of time, which for some can be extra hassle.

While they may not be able to eliminate all the above risks, using a WordPress comments plugin may be a worthwhile solution to try.

12 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Although the default comment feature covers most of the basics, the lack of additional functionality and very limited customization options push most users to use the WordPress comments plugin.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress comment plugins for you. You can compare the plugins with each other and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1.  Jetpack Comments

Jetpack provides an interesting combination of functions. Thanks to its features, you will not have to install many plugins to add different functions to WordPress.

One of these features is Jetpack Comment. This feature can help you manage all the posts easily and quickly. Through this plugin, your visitors can leave comments using their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter .

This WordPress comment plugin will automatically replace the default comment section in the WordPress dashboard.

Unfortunately, Jetpack’s most useful features like spam filtering, site monetization and security scanning are only available by purchasing the premium plan for €264 per year.

2.  Disqus Comment System

Disqus is one of the most powerful WordPress comment plugins to replace the default comment section.

This plugin offers many great features. One of these features is the ability to import comments from blogging platforms such as Blogger ,  Moveable Type , and other platforms that use WXR XML data. This is a great feature for a blogger because after installing Disqus there is no worry of losing old comments.

Unfortunately, Disques often places intruders on sites that use it. This can break the optimization of the website, which can slow down the page load speed.

3.  wpDiscuz

WpDiscuz is a real-time comment system specifically designed to enhance the features and functionality of WordPress’ default comment system.

This WordPress comments plugin has many great features. Some of them are simple and clean interface, Instagram , Twitter etc. It is an automatic translation system from URL to image ( HTML ) in the comments section and full social media integration .

Moreover, wpDiscuz also offers extension packs with premium features at different prices. Their price range varies from $9 to  $125. To save money, you can choose the $99 package (567.9 TL), which includes many extra functions  and benefits  .

4.  Postmatic

Replying to someone else’s comment in your post is very tedious and takes a lot of time. Especially if your post gets a lot of engagement from your audience.

Postmatic is a WordPress comments plugin that offers a better approach to this system. This plugin gives you the chance to leave comments via email or reply directly to other people’s comments. All you have to do is open your email , write your comment and then hit the reply button (you can even use your phone that way).

With this system, your visitors do not have to visit the article pages constantly.

5.  Lazy Load for Comments

Lazy Load is known as a plugin that can greatly increase the loading speed of a WordPress site. This plugin also provides a custom WordPress comments plugin called “Lazy Load for Comment”.

The comment feature in Lazy Load is designed as a lightweight and fast default comment system. It will temporarily stop the user’s comment function while the web page is loading.

This plugin is especially for those who care about website speed rather than non-essential additional functions (like emojis).

While fairly easy to configure, this plugin supports automatic translation features, custom hooks to create an additional function, and a filter system to reduce HTTP requests.

6.  De:comments

De:comments is a great WordPress comment plugin that lets you store user comment data on your own domain . This is a safer method because you don’t need to use third parties to store data.

The plugin is very easy to customize and is designed to quickly adapt to the mobile device image. This plugin also allows users to log in to their social media accounts with ease.

Another great feature is unlimited uploads, which lets you limit the number of comments displayed on a post. All the user has to do is scroll down to see older comments.

Moreover, De:comments also provides various features such as multilingual localization, quick media attachments and voting systems. This plugin is also the right option for those looking for WordPress comment plugins with a lot of features and customization options.

7.  Akismet

Akismet is a spam filtering service for WordPress comments. This plugin is quite special as it was developed by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress.

Akismet has an algorithm that can recognize and disable blog comments and pingback spam. This algorithm can learn from mistakes and actions on the sites where it is used.

For example, when a group of sites start reporting a certain type of spam, Akismet will “learn” to identify the same threat as spam in the future. Using this plugin will keep your comment column clean and safe.

8.  GraphComment

GraphComment is a plugin that can turn the default comment system in WordPress into an online social discussion group. Although it has many functions, GraphComment has two main components.

The first component is  Bubble Flow . This intelligent management system is designed to process user interactions and view discussions in the comment column in real time.

The second component is  Bubble Rank . This component, on the other hand, works to block spam attacks using special algorithms.

Overall it is the right plugin to handle the interactions of large numbers of visitors. This plugin is available for open discussion on your website.

9.  Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast is known as one of the best SEO optimization plugins nowadays. Apart from that, Yoast has developed various plugins for WordPress and one of them is a WordPress comments plugin called “Yoast Comment Hacks”.

Like other WordPress comment plugins, Yoast Comment Hacks does not replace the default comment system in WordPress. Rather, it simply optimizes the default functions using a little “trick” in the WordPress core.

As a result, you will get a number of special features that are not available in the default WordPress comment system. Some of these are the ability to direct users to special pages, the broadcast feature to send e-mails to all users who comment, and the minimum & maximum comment limit.

10.  WpDevArt Facebook Comments

This WordPress comments plugin can display comments from Facebook users on your website, which can automatically increase traffic while optimizing your blog/website online presence.

Moreover, this plugin is equipped with various features to make each function the most efficient. Some of these are the customization panel to edit the position of the comment column, change the size and the font used, and the ability to configure the box title.

WpDevArt Facebook Comments plugin has a paid premium plan (priced from $10 ($57) to  $31 ($176.9 ) per month) which includes more features such as custom background settings and many animation effects .

11.  CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a “unique” WordPress comment plugin because it is specifically  designed to increase blog traffic by providing backlinks  .

This plugin has a “dofollow” system that will automatically generate backlinks when you comment on a blog using CommentLuv. With this method, your blog will have tons of comments as most users will search for backlinks for their blog.

However, you should be careful when using this plugin. Google may show your blog as spam if you have too many  outbound  links .

Additionally, since CommentLuv is heavy under load, your blog’s response time may increase slightly.

12.  Simple Comment Editing

If you are looking for a lightweight, simple and fast WordPress comment plugin, you should not miss Simple Comment Editing.

This plugin allows users to edit their comments for 5 minutes after posting. This method gives the user (and you) the opportunity to correct typos and misinformation when commenting.

Simple Comment Editing does not require much settings. All you have todo is install the plugin. Everything will work automatically.

If you need extra features, you can use the paid version to get various extensions. Some of these extensions are unlimited editing time for registered users, seeing the number of users who are editing and adjusting the number of words in the comments section.


Based on what we mentioned above, the comment feature in WordPress plays a much more important role than just getting user interaction.

A well-optimized comment column can increase your website traffic, improve SEO optimization and make your website more popular. Unfortunately, the default comment system in WordPress cannot do all of this on its own.

  • JetPack Comments – Completely replaces the default comment system in WordPress. It also offers useful features such as site monetization, security scanning, and spam filtering (you have to pay $39 per year to get a premium membership).
  • Disqus Comment System – can import comments from other blogs using WXR XML data. It is seen as one of the most popular WordPress comment plugins.
  • wpDiscuz – This plugin provides real time comment system for your comment section. You can also get features like custom theme and antispam by purchasing the free plan.
  • Postmatic – This WordPress comments plugin allows your user (and you) to comment directly from email and respond to other people’s comments.
  • Lazy Load for Comments – It is a lightweight and fast commenting system that can increase web loading speed. It also supports configuring custom  hooks  and automatic translation.
  • De:Comments – This plugin allows you to store user comment data in your own domain. It also supports multilingual localization, voting system and unlimited load.
  • Akismet – The best spam filter available. It can learn to recognize new types of spam to keep the comments section clean.
  • GraphComment – ​​A great plugin for creating an online discussion group. It consists of two components that are fast and reliable.
  • Yoast Comment Hacks – Modifies the WordPress default comment system to create many features. It’s free, fast and reliable.
  • WpDevArt Facebook Comments – This WordPress comments plugin helps you connect your users’ comments on Facebook to your site.
  • CommentLuv – This plugin creates a backlink to each existing comment on your posts. It can greatly increase your traffic and SEO optimization.
  • Simple Comment Editing – Allows your visitors to edit their comments within 5 minutes of posting. This plugin has a “plug and play” system. All you have to do is install the plugin and the plugin itself will run automatically without any manual settings.

Finally, we hope this article helped you find the best WordPress comments plugin for your site.

Before you start using these plugins, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with WordPress’s default comment system first. This way you will have a better understanding of how to manage the comments section and you will be able to find the best plugin to meet your needs. As always, don’t forget to share your comments and thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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