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10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins In 2022 Compared

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Creating a new website can be easy, but if you want to move that website from one hosting provider to another it could get tricky. The migration process is relatively straightforward and there are numerous ways you can go about doing it correctly. The biggest mistake that many online entrepreneurs make is not taking the time to properly plan the switch with their experts before proceeding.

Fortunately, WordPress is a very adaptable platform, and several plugins are available which will allow you to handle the migration of your website. These tools will help you create automatic backups, manage the file transfer process once you’re ready to change platforms and ensure that your site will not experience downtime when migrating to a new host.

However, choosing the best transition plugin from the hundreds of plugins available in the market can be difficult.

In this article, we provide an overview of the migration process and also show you the different ways to migrate a website.

To assist you further, we have also listed the 10 best WordPress migration plugins to help you migrate easily.

How to Migrate a WordPress Site?

Here are some of the methods you can use to migrate your website.

Manual Transport

Migrating your WordPress website is a delicate task. You need to back up and migrate every aspect of your site. This includes backing up the database, themes, plugins and all files.

Once you have the backup, you need to upload them to a new server using an FTP tool like FileZilla.

Check out our article explaining how to set up WordPress hosting and domain using an FTP tool.

Here is the problem with manual switching.

Migrating to a website takes a lot of time and effort. If you’re migrating large websites, you and your team may have to spend a significant amount of man-hours throughout the operation.

It also opens the door to human error. With so many files, folders and databases, it may not always be possible to track problems that occur.

If you run into any problems while backing up your website, it could affect the entire migration process.

You also need to manage downtime so that your users don’t see a broken website. This may mean working nights or weekends to avoid impacting users.

If you want to save time, money and resources while manually migrating your website, we recommend using WordPress migration plugins.

We’ll come to these shortly.

Migrations Provided by Your Web Server

Many web hosting companies provide free migration services for moving to their servers. They often have staff experts who are knowledgeable about immigration processes.

Check out our article on the best web hosting companies.

Some web hosts also provide periodic backups so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of backing up every single file.

Web hosts also have limitations. Check out this article where we explain why they might not be enough to manage migrations.

Using WordPress Migration Plugins

If you are in doubt about allowing someone else to migrate your website, you can always use one of the many WordPress migration plugins available.

They help you avoid the hassle of manual migration and still keep you in control of the entire process.

These plugins backup, download and transfer all site files for you and make the process much smoother.

Best WordPress Migration Plugins (Tried and Tested)

Here is a list of the 10 most efficient WordPress migration plugins right now.

1. Updraft Migrator

UpdraftPlus is famous for efficient site backups. But this plugin is much more efficient than that. Website backups are fast with UpdraftPlus due to its ability to perform incremental backups and its integration with cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and Google Drive.

UpdraftPlus’ cloning and migration feature comes in a premium plugin called Updraft Migrator.

You need both plugins to complete a website migration. First, you need to backup the website via UpdraftPlus.

Next, you need to download the files to your computer or cloud storage. When you host a new WordPress installation on your new server, you can upload the backed up files via the Updraft Migrator Plugin.

Top Features of Updraft Migrator:

  • The UpdraftPlus plugin makes it easy to use by providing cloud backups in the free version.
  • You can migrate an unlimited number of websites with the Updraft Migrator plugin.

Disadvantages of Updraft Migrator:

  • You cannot migrate a multisite network with the Migrator plugin alone. You need to purchase and install the Multisite plugin separately.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase Updraft Premium, which comes with all add-ons with limited website usage. However, you may not be able to use all its features.

Updraft Migrator Price

The Updraft Migrator Plugin costs $49 for the first year and continues at $29.40 per year.

2. All In One WP Migration

All-In-One Migration from Servmask   is a very simple yet powerful WordPress migration plugin. If you are not familiar with website migration, this plugin might be perfect.

The free version of the tool supports websites up to 512 MB in size. If your website is relatively new and not very image-heavy, you can easily use this plugin to migrate.

After the plugin is installed, you can download your website to your computer as a single file.

When you’re ready, you can upload the file to the new server.

The plugin has a very user-friendly drag and drop import functionality that simplifies the migration process.

All In One WP Migration Best Features:

  • Most hosting providers have a file upload limit of around 2MB   . However, this plugin bypasses the limit and loads the entire website directly into WordPress.
  • It comes with a number of extensions to help you with different functions. You can move multisite, store backups in cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Disadvantages of All In One WP Migration:

  • The free plugin has a 512 MB upload restriction. If you have a larger website (>512 MB), you must sign up for the All-in-One WP Migration premium plan.

All In One WP Migration Price

The free version of the plugin comes with an upload restriction of up to 512 MB. If your website backup exceeds the set limit, you can upgrade to the premium plan.

This plugin costs $69 for a lifetime.

3. Duplicator

Duplicator is one of the most versatile plugins on the market. It has an easy-to-follow migration system, which is ideal if you’re new to WordPress.

Once installed, you can create a backup of your website (known as plug-in packages) and download it along with an installer script.

These files can then be uploaded to the new server via FTP.

Next, you install the installer script and package in the new location (new server or host) and run the migration wizard. Duplicator unpacks and installs the contents of your package.

Best Features of Duplicator Plugin:

  • One of the great things about Duplicator is that it lets you switch between hosts and helps you clone the website to a new domain.
  • You can download the website in a localhost environment and also create a staging environment if you are working on development.
  • Duplicator Pro provides cloud storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon S3. Some professional plans include Duplicator Pro advanced features (called “Power Tools”), such as hourly schedules, installer branding, and priority support.
  • You can also migrate a WordPress multisite installation with this plugin.

Disadvantages of Duplicator Plugin:

  • The plugin has a bit of a learning curve when setting up a backed up website.
  • Users unfamiliar with FTP software may need some help.

Duplicator Plugin Price

The free version of the Duplicator plugin is usually sufficient to migrate most WordPress websites.

The multiplier’s premium plan starts at $69 for the first year and continues at $42 from the second year.

4.  BlogVault

BlogVault is one of the best backup plugins available. The free version provides incremental backups, which is a premium feature in most WordPress backup tools. It is a robust platform that allows you to migrate, restore and manage your WordPress website.

BlogVault is a very user-friendly plugin and offers one-click migration.

Unlike other add-ons listed here, you don’t need to back up and store them on your computer. Instead, BlogVault backs up your website to its servers and moves your website to a new host with one click.

BlogVault’s Best Features:

  • The BlogVault plugin is compatible with 10,000 popular web hosts and offers a zero downtime guarantee. The plugin offers complete WordPress website migration, including both WordPress and non-WordPress files.
  • If your website is storage intensive, BlogVault is the right plugin for your migration. It can move sites larger than 330 GB without any problems.
  • The plugin automatically rewrites the URL of all your web pages, including product pages, blog posts, and site pages.

Disadvantages of BlogVault:

  • BlogVault allows relaying through its servers but cannot migrate a locally hosted site to an online server.

BlogVault Price

BlogVault pricing for a single website starts at $89 per year, including migration service.

5. Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is a free backup plugin that runs on BlogVault servers and is an excellent free alternative to BlogVault.

Migrate Guru has partnered with some big hosting companies like BlueHost, SiteGround, WPEngine and GoDaddy. The WordPress migration process using this plugin is quite easy.

After installing and signing up, you need to select the hosting provider you want to switch to, fill in all the details and hit the “  Move  ” button to start the process.

Best Features of Migrate Guru:

  • Migrate Guru plugin integrates with most popular WordPress hosting providers.
  • If your new server is not integrated, you can use it via cPanel and FTP.
  • The migration wizard is easy to use and provides a quick transition.
  • It supports multisite networking, which is quite rare to find in a free tool.
  • Can be used to migrate large websites without affecting server performance

Disadvantages of Migrate Guru:

  • Migrate Guru does not support local website migrations to live servers.
  • Also, it does not support live-to-localhost transfers.

Migrate Guru’s Price

MigrateGuru is completely free to use, but the main plugin BlogVault is premium and comes with a lot more features.

6.  Jetpack

JetPack is one of the most robust plugins on the market. It has many features such as security scans, full backups, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and automatic posting to social media.

Jetpack is one of the most powerful tools in WordPress when it comes to backup and restore. It not only provides scheduled backup, but also has the ability to collect real-time backups of your website.

The migration process is simple and you can follow the six step tutorial on cloning or migrating a WordPress website with JetPack   .

JetPack’s Best Features:

  • The automatic backup provided by Jetpack saves you the hassle of manually backing up your site.
  • The backup storage in Jetpack comes with unlimited storage. This feature makes Jetpack suitable for larger websites.
  • Easy migrations make the WordPress website migration process super smooth.

Disadvantages of JetPack:

  • The migration feature is only included with the JetPack paid plan. If you want a real-time backup, you will have to pay additional fees.

JetPack Price

The JetPack daily backup plan costs $39 per year.

7.  WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB is a WordPress plugin specially designed to simplify database export and migration. It allows you to export your WordPress site database to a SQL file and then export it to the new server via phpMyAdmin.

WP Migrate DB is a very simple to use migration plugin. You can export your website database as SQL to your local server. You can then transfer back to a live site after the migration.

The plugin modifies the file path and URLs and supports serialized data and arrays. This reduces the risk of data corruption.

With WP Migrate DB Pro, you can transfer theme and plugin files between two WordPress websites without the need for FTP access.

Best Features of WP Migrate DB:

  • WP Migrate DB Pro offers several plugins for you to have a customized migration. With the Multisite plugin, you can migrate all multisite networks at once.
  • You can also select the media files you want to migrate using the Media Files plugin in WP MigrateDB Pro.

Disadvantages of WP Migrate DB

  • The free plugin does not migrate the entire website. To have full control over your pass, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan.
  • To run this WordPress migration plugin you need to have some database knowledge.

Price of WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB’s basic plan starts at $49 for a single site. However, this plan does not activate all add-ons.

All add-ons are unlocked on the $199 Developer plan.

8.  WPBackItUp

WPBackitUp is a very efficient backup plugin that creates scheduled unlimited backups.

However, it provides effortless migration from one server to another.

The transition process is very fast and efficient. Simply download a backup of your website to your computer and then upload it to the new host.

Best Features of WPBackItUp:

  • The WPBackItUp plugin allows you to take backups of your website and download them locally without the need for an FTP client.
  • WPBackItUp’s interface is very easy to use.

Disadvantages of WPBackItUp:

  • While backup is included in the free version, the pass is a premium feature.

Price of WPBackItUp

WPBackItUp offers website migration for $79 for a single site for one year.

9. BackupGuard

Backup Guard is another backup plugin that provides WordPress cloud backup and migration. It has a clean interface and user-friendly navigation.

The free version of Backup Guard allows you to store your backups in the cloud. It also supports scheduled automatic backups and has a security scanner for WordPress websites.

Backup Guard Pro provides server migrations, local server to live server migration as well as migration from one domain to another.

Best Features of Backup Guard

  • You can schedule backups and export them directly to Dropbox.
  • You can also migrate your website using the free version. If you don’t migrate often, this feature is for you.

Disadvantages of Backup Guard

  • Website migration is not available in the free version of the plugin.

Backup Guard Price

Backup Guard’s professional plan starts at $25 per year, unlocking all of its features.

10.  Super Backup & Clone

Super Backup & Clone plugin is a paid WordPress plugin sold on Codecanyon. It is a great alternative to subscription-based migration plugins and provides similar features and performance.
Super Backup & Clone plugin provides instant WordPress migration, scheduled and automatic backup.

It also supports cloud storage of backup and integrates with cloud drives such as Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 and Rackspace. You also have the option to download the backup files to your computer.

Super Backup & Clone Best Features:

  • This plugin supports WordPress Multisite migrations.
  • The interface is very user friendly.
  • It keeps all the statistics about your backups in one place.

Disadvantages of Super Backup & Clone:

  • There is no free version of the plugin.

Super Backup & Clone Price

The one-time price of this WordPress migration plugin is $35. At this price you get all future updates and six months of customer support.

Our Favorite WordPress Migration Plugin

Choosing the right WordPress migration plugin depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a multisite migration, we recommend going with BlogVault or Updraft Migrator.

In terms of a free plan and if you have a relatively small website in terms of size,  we recommend going with MigrateGuru  .

If you’re looking for more than just server migration like security, real-time backups, and additional features like localhost migration, JetPack or Duplicator might be a great choice.

Migrating WordPress Sites

Moving a WordPress site is not a walk in the park, but it is possible for people of all experience levels.

If you are not comfortable with manual migration and don’t want to use your web host, you can use WordPress migration plugins. These plugins backup and migrate WordPress websites in a few clicks without the hassle of doing it manually.

Are you using any of these migration plugins? Any other suggestions? Let us know your thoughts below!

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