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10 Best PDF Viewer Plugins For WordPress

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Are you looking for a PDF viewer plugin for your WordPress website? The PDF file format allows your users to open, review, and print documents published on your site.

With the PDF format, you can compress high quality files into a relatively smaller file and save your bandwidth while users are downloading. You can even enable password protection on your PDF documents to restrict unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow you to create or embed PDF files in posts or pages by default. Fortunately, WordPress offers great plugins to view PDF files from your site without coding a single line.

What Does the WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin Do?

With the PDF plugin, you can embed a full WordPress PDF viewer in a WordPress post or page. When a user comes to your site, they can browse through its pages and view these files in book form. They can also zoom in to take notes and print these pages.

A PDF file is particularly useful when you want to publish large documents on your site. With a WordPress PDF plugin, you can embed a pdf file that users can view, download and print with a click.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best PDF plugins and compare their features so you can decide which is the best option for your site.

1. PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, dFlip PDF Flipbook offers its readers an amazing 3D flipbook experience. Using this plugin, you can easily create a PDF flipbook in minutes without coding.

These books can be text or image based. It offers excellent support for images and you don’t even need a traditional PDF to Image converter. If your PDF opens in a browser that doesn’t support 3D, the plugin will take care of it for you, making it look just as stunning as it would in a 3D supported browser.

This PDF plugin is fully powered by CSS. Even if your file contains heavy text, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

2. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips are  particularly useful if you run  an  online store . With this extension, you can send a PDF invoice to all order confirmation emails sent to your customers. It offers visually stunning templates to make your invoices look professional. If you want to organize and customize your invoices, that is also possible.

You can also create PDF invoices, credit notes and waybills in bulk. If you want to create long invoices, you can number them sequentially. This option also allows you to custom format your numbers. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips support various languages. If you want to localize your invoice or waybill, it can be done easily.

You can add your custom logo in the header of these invoices, choose the paper size (letter or A4) and even add the store data/footer/disclaimer etc on the invoices and packing slips. You can change it.

3. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder  is another amazing WordPress PDF plugin that you can try. If you want to add a PDF file to your WordPress site  , this plugin makes it fast and easy. All you have to do is upload your PDF file as you uploaded your images and you’re done. The plugin automatically runs in size and you can customize the size as well.

You can then embed the shortcode generated by the plugin into your posts and pages. The plugin allows you to add the Next / Previous  button for easy navigation  .

You can even let your users zoom in whenever they want. The free version  does not offer the Download  option. You have to use the premium copy to add this option.

4. PDF – Print

PDF & Print  is a user-friendly and flexible WordPress PDF plugin that lets you create PDF files that can be easily archived, shared and saved. You can add these files to any post or page on your website. It also offers customization options to make your PDF files look the way you want.

For example, you can easily align your buttons in different positions, add buttons to widgets, choose the button type (image, text, etc.). You can also choose the PDF action. You can download these files or open them in a new window. This plugin offers incredibly simple settings. You can also localize it in different languages. Supports RTL languages.

5. WP Advanced PDF

If you want your users to create PDF of your blog posts and pages,  try using WP Advanced PDF  plugin. It’s a great option for sites that offer online classes or publish knowledge-based publications. You can also use it on membership sites and use its features to limit access to PDFs to members only.

It also allows you to use custom fonts for your PDF file texts, add a logo to the header, add watermark text and image to your PDF, and more. You can change the margins and alignments to improve its appearance. The plugin offers  Post Id  as the default filename, but you  can change it to pdf if you want  .

6. WordPress PDF Light Viewer

The next WordPress PDF plugin on our list is the WordPress  PDF Light Viewer Plugin  . This is a great option for adding pdf files of any size to your website. Whatever your document size, you can easily embed it in your posts and pages.

Then you can also add the lazy loading option, zoom feature and navigation option. The plugin supports translations into different languages. You can also enable the download option to make it convenient for your users. It also has an option to enable bulk pdf download. The plugin is developer friendly and well documented.

7. Send PDF For Conhtact Form 7

Send PDF For Conhtact Form 7  is another great option you can try. To use this WordPress PDF viewer plugin, you must first use the  Contact Form 7 plugin. This plugin will add conditional logic to the form created by Contact Form 7.

You can send an email with the pdf you created with this plugin. The plugin has already been downloaded by over 9,000 users and has a 4.8 star rating. It is compatible across browsers and the pdf it creates looks stunning across devices.

8. PrintFriendly

Print Friendly  is a great pdf plugin that lets you create clickable pdf links that can be customized to the required paper size. After the PDF is created, you can customize them as well. You can enable or disable the print and e-mail options. You can also add a button to these files and then style it how you want it to appear.

The plugin has an option to let you add copyright to your pdf. You can also use your own CSS if you want to be more creative. The good thing is that the plugin supports both Java and non-Java scripts.

9. PDF Viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer is one of the best selling premium WordPress PDF plugins that lets you easily embed and view PDF files on your website. The plugin is also super flexible in terms of customization. This makes it easy to work on the appearance of your posts or pages.

Find, Download, Share, Email a Friend, Page Navigation, Zoom, Print, Open etc. to enhance PDF using experience. You can add options. If you have a  WooCommerce site, you can view the product price list, brochures and flyers or generate an invoice with PDF. This can be done on the product page or any post or page on your website.

The plugin supports bookmarks and links and is also multilingual. This PDF plugin is very well documented and offers excellent support.

10. Extended PDF

Creating digital pdf documents is easy with Gravity PDF . The plugin offers 4 beautifully designed templates that can be used to style your pdf files. You can change its color, fonts etc to give it a better look. You can customize it further by modifying it.

The plugin offers branding your pdf files by adding your company logo. It supports all languages ​​including Chinese, Japanese and RTL. You can use it with the Gravity Forms plugin and enable the option to automatically email pdf to your users after they fill out the form.

You can also add advanced options such as restricting pdf access until payment is made. This feature is great for membership sites or sites that sell digital goods like pdf.

This much. These are some of the best PDF plugins for WordPress that you can try. We hope you found this article useful.

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