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10 Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes 2022

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Choosing the best WordPress e-commerce theme can be difficult. There are literally countless themes available, all offering the features that will best suit your business. To make this process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress ecommerce themes for you.

In this article, we’ll show you the criteria for a great ecommerce theme and then list 10 free WordPress ecommerce themes you should try.

WordPress E-Commerce Themes Must Haves

  1. Attractive Design
    First impression is very important for your online store. Your design will influence your visitors’ next action. If your visitor sees that your site has a bad appearance, they will most likely go to another site. That’s why we’ve handpicked the most beautiful looking themes that will impress your visitors at first sight. In addition, they are all customizable.
  2. Easy Navigation
    In some cases, online stores are just like physical stores. Your visitors may know exactly what they want. But they will spend a little more time taking a “short tour” of your store. They can also see discount offers, bestsellers, and other product categories. So your theme should support the behavior of customers and make it easy for them to find what they want.
  3. Speed ​​Optimization
    A good looking interface isn’t the only thing keeping your visitors on your online store. The speed of your site is just as important as your interface. According to Forrester Research , almost half of visitors expect the site to fully open in 2 seconds. That’s why your theme should support page speed optimization to make sure your visitors don’t have to wait too long.
  4. Supported plugins
    WooCommerce is powerful enough to build a WordPress-based e-commerce site on its own. However, you still need extra plugins to manage your online store. You need plugins to add a contact form, get help with SEO , or check shipping rates. Your theme should support all the plugins you need.
  5. Mobile Friendly
    Having a mobile responsive website is a must in 2021. The number of mobile users is increasing and you can make them your most loyal customers. According to Statista’s research, 86% of customers do their online shopping on their phones. That’s why it’s important to please them with an interface that is easy to navigate, even on small screens. Luckily, all the themes on our list are mobile friendly. So, you won’t have to download and try each one at a time.

Top 10 WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Here is a list of the best WordPress ecommerce themes based on popularity, features, and design:

1.  Hestia

Hestia homepage demo for WordPress e-commerce

Another great multi-purpose WordPress theme is Hestia. Hestia will help you set up an online store that can stand out. With its sleek design and deep integration with WooCommerce, you can set up modern and professional online stores that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Live Customizer is also available in Hestia. This means that being able to edit any type of element or design is super easy. You can also see your changes in real time. If you enjoy designing or use other page builders, you are free to integrate plugins into Hestia. Designing an online store with Hestia is a lot of fun. Hestia has huge features like many modern fonts and icons, tons of beautiful layout designs, mega menus and more.

These features are not limited to those mentioned above. With Hestia you can also add custom backgrounds and change the color scheme. You can also add portfolios and galleries. The best part is that Hestia can compress all the rich features and optimize speed. This will make your site run faster.

2. StoreFront

The second best WordPress eCommerce theme on our list comes from the creator of WooCommerce. You can start selling your products instantly as this theme is designed and developed to support WooCommerce.

You’ll love the way StoreFront displays your products. Product inventories and management have been greatly improved. Your visitors can view your products by categories. You can also display available sizes and colors without any hassle.

StoreFront also provides color schemes. You can change the entire color scheme with one click in your online store. If you don’t like the internal shop designs, you can set up your own online shop with a variety of layouts, color options and cool components. For those who love coding, you can add various features and functions using special codes.

3.  Alpha Store

Developed with Bootstrap and CSS3, Alpha Store is a mobile responsive, fast and lightweight WordPress eCommerce theme. This theme also supports WooCommerce.

Alpha Store has a live customizer. No technical knowledge is required for the customizations you want to make in your online store. If you need something simpler you can integrate the SiteOrigin page builder into the theme. This plugin will allow you to create whatever you want by dragging and dropping on your pages.

Speaking of features, Alpha Store is one of the best free WordPress e-commerce themes. It will provide you with two main menu locations and a footer widget area. Alpha Store also gives you the option to add an additional menu in the left or right sidebar. If you want to make any customization in your code, the theme opens WooCommerce shortcodes. Moreover, you can add social media icons to your website.

With Alpha Store, you can add additional features you need in your online stores. It is recommended to install WooCommerce related plugins such as wishlist, product comparison and quick view.

4.  Max Store

If you need some extra advice for a simple e-commerce theme with smooth WooCommerce integration, you can choose Max Store. Whatever your job, Max Store will suit you.

Max Store’s default look is perfect. Product categories are displayed on the main page. With a flat animation, the product presentation will look more modern and stylish.

However, if you want to increase the beauty of Max Store with a little effort, Max Store is highly customizable. This theme is also a good option if you want to get better Google Rankings because it supports Yoast SEO, the most powerful WordPress plugin. Finally, Max Store can make your online store run faster by compressing and optimizing all files.

5.  Flash

Flash is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes of 2020 and has over 20k installs on Just like any other theme, Flash will help you set up your online store with almost zero effort.

It has integrations with WooCommerce, SiteOrigin page builder and Flash Toolkit plugins to help Flash novices build a full-fledged online store. WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform. SiteOrigin page builder helps users to create website pages with drag and drop. The Flash Toolkit plugin is a helpful plugin that provides more than 12 components.

The demo version of Flash developed by ThemeGrill can be imported with the ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin. The free version has 6 great demo choices, tons of site layouts, lots of color options, various blog layouts, lots of Google fonts support and awesome header styles. It is indeed a great WordPress e-commerce theme!

6. ShopIsle

If our topic is the best WordPress e-commerce themes, then ShopIsle should be at the top of our list. ShopIsle has a simple yet modern and elegant look. This theme provides you full width slider on home page. You can use this slider to showcase your featured and new products and to place a discount code.

The stylish and modern touch of ShopIsle is also available in the products section. The theme displays your products in a very stylish way. Your customers can zoom in, move their cursors over the product image and see a more detailed image. The checkout page is also informational to show all purchased items and the price.

ShopIsle is customizable. With SiteOrigin Page Builder, you can easily customize the look of your store. ShopIsle also provides a great about us page and a contact form built with the Contact Form 7 plugin. Finally, this theme is social media friendly so you can engage your customers.

7.  Fagri

If you are looking for another WordPress e-commerce theme recommendation that supports flexible page building, Fagri might be a good option for you. By default, Fagri ships with Elementor. Elementor is an impressive page builder plugin that can change the tone and look of your website in a few clicks. Fagri is also fully compatible with other page builder plugins like SiteOrigin page builder.

That’s why Fagri is fully customizable. With Fagri, you can set any picture, slider or even video as your background. You can also mix your color scheme and adjust it however you like. Additionally, Fagri provides a powerful mega menu to help you organize your product categories.

If you want to skip the design and want a ready-to-run online store, Fagri can do all the work for you. Fagri has an option to install everything you need in less than a minute. Influential!

8.  eStore

It is produced by ThemeGrill, another WordPress eCommerce theme. Although free, ThemeGrill has added many powerful features to the eStore. There are more than 10 thousand e-commerce websites in total using eStore as their theme.

eStore is highly customizable. It gives you 3 custom menu locations along with right and left sidebar. This theme also has 12+ custom widgets along with 10+ widget locations. The free version also includes 4 different layouts that can be implemented in a few quick steps. Moreover, you can use the layout options available for each page and article.

It is also compatible with the eStore YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin. Just as the name suggests, you add a wish list that you can share on social networks. Category Colors are also provided in the eStore. With this feature, you can give different colors to the labels for different product categories. Finally, the eStore translation is ready.

9.  Bellini

Bellini has a clean and modern design to suit any business. Focused on full-width images and bold typography, Bellini has the appeal of capturing your visitors’ attention.

Similar to previous themes, Bellini is also open to customization. You can customize almost any element. You can edit color schemes, sliders, and layouts extremely easily. You can also upload and apply your online store’s logo.

If you want to further develop your online store, Bellini Yoast SEO also supports a variety of powerful plugins such as MailChimp, JetPack and SiteOrigin page builder.

10.  Tyche

Tyche is a free WooCommerce WordPress theme with a sophisticated design with vibrant colors. Integrated with various WooCommerce plugins, this theme is highly customizable to create a professional look for your online store.

You will love how Tyche displays the products in a very fluid and vivid way. You will witness a stylish and modern touch in every tab. You’ll be able to view your top products in the media slider on the homepage or by category. Tyche also lets you create different colored labels for each product category.

Tyche’s beauty does not end there. Tyche retina is ready. This means that Tyche presents all elements such as images, text and colors with high sharpness. In addition, Tyche has a great header, modern social media icons, contact forms, additional CSS and an amazing checkout page design. This wordpress ecommerce theme is free.

WordPress Ecommerce Theme

There are many ecommerce themes available for WordPress, and choosing the best one for your business can be a headache. You can think of this process as choosing shoes. When choosing shoes, they should be as comfortable as possible, as you will be wearing them for a long time.

So doing research will help you because you will be inclined to use a theme you already know to save time. The best you can do is find a theme that works best for you and stick with it. Of course, you are free to download and try any theme you want!

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